I didn’t pay much attention to this point in the story of St Albert’s in Pollokshields, at the time (19th August):

The council confirmed that arrangements have been made so that any pupils required to self-isolate can continue working online.

STV and the Record used largely the same words.

The Herald had: Each child at the Polloksheilds school has been issued with an iPad so that lessons can continue to be taught remotely but made little of it.

It was only reading Libby Brooks in the Guardian today that I saw:

When an entire primary class in Glasgow was asked to isolate this week after a pupil tested positive for Covid-19, staff spent the following afternoon delivering iPads so that teaching could continue remotely.

Why did only the Guardian know this?

Brooks mentions this in a piece titled:

School reopening in Scotland: five lessons for the rest of the UK


It’s a report that could hardly be more different from the anxiety-inducing Warkisms of the Scottish media suggesting wrongly that the virus is ‘in‘ or ‘at‘ the school or ‘among‘ the pupils, amplifying teacher and parent fears and working against the Scottish Government messaging.

Brooks is analytical, informative and useful, if the English authorities will read her.

Back to those teachers. Wouldn’t that be great story with lots of human interest? You could film the teachers arriving at the homes of the pupils. I can see the pupil’s faces as the iPad starts up. Maybe one of the mums might have a wee tear of gratitude in her eye. You like tears. Only for the deaths of babies of old folk? Ah.