Photo of the Day 2

The thought of these as the faces of the No campaign 2021 or 2022 fills me with unbridled glee (Unbridled? Where did that come from?).

The Four ******men of the *************?

Fill in the gaps

12 thoughts on “Photo of the Day 2

  1. Questions.–

    Who are they?—To some extent a generational thing, but none of them have done anything in/for Scotland for years: why would we be impressed by anything they say?

    Where do they live? Only MaCoalbunker seems to reside in Scotland.

    What relevance do they have for Scotland? –Really, how relevant are they to ANYTHING?

    Have they ever received a “bung” (money, job, sinecure, patronage) from the British State?

    Do they have a financial incentive to campaign against Scots having a say in their own future?

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  2. Remember this John. I don’t know if they ever paid up.

    This follows Danny Alexander today claiming on BBC Daily Politics “I don’t know anything about this” and telling Andrew Neil to ask “conference organisers” about the debt. When asked the same question Willie Rennie said “I don’t know very much about that at all.”,000-police-bill/

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    1. They should face court action, liars. A person can’t be locked up for debt in Scotland, but can for non psyment of fines. The LibDems need to pay this debt or face a huge fine.


  3. The four traitors of Scotland. No need for cartoons, they are cartoons. All have in common that they took or take now, large sums of money from the public purse. One of them takes £300+ a day, reward for sending £billions back to Westminster when in power at Holyrood, well, not so much power, more cower and bow down to their mastes in London. A. Darling and G. Brown also have a heck of a lot to answer for, totally shafted their own country. Utter lowlifes.

    These people are sc*m.

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