Labour councillor repeats disgraceful lies about Covid-19 deaths in a published anti-SNP diatribe

Alex Gallagher on Twitter: "Listening to FM on the care home scandal in  Scotland. She knew nothing. Jeane Ferguson knew nothing. All the sending  covid positive people to spread the infection &
Another doing a Hannibal Lecter look?

In the Herald today, Alex Gallagher, Largs, makes this comment

I’ll leave the exams ‘fiasco’ for another time but the rest of this paragraph is based on clear dishonesty in the light of well-published evidence contradicting and rejecting it utterly.

First, differentiating the death rates:

Despite the damage done by following the 4 Nations approach, favoured by Labour, the death rate in England is now 50% higher per head of population, per capita, pro-rata.

Second, the care home mortality:

Care homes in England experienced the highest increase in excess deaths at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to those in the rest of the UK, according to new research. A study – co-ordinated from the University of Stirling’s Management School – found that care homes in England recorded a 79 percent increase in excess deaths, compared to 66 percent in Wales, 62 percent in Scotland and 46 percent in Northern Ireland.

So, care home deaths were 27% higher in England.

Third, the discharges myth:

Three large research studies make clear that the primary responsibility for the outbreaks in care homes lies in the reliance on agency staff:

There is no evidence that hospital discharges were responsible for any care home deaths.

Footnote: Gallagher suffers from Twitterrage. This year he suggested that Sarah Smith ‘Get a backbone. Tell her (Nicola Sturgeon, also of North Ayrshire) to f___ off.‘ In 2018, he told a London-based journalist that he was not a ‘real Scot.’

Dear readers, write to the Herald letters page using the above facts?

8 thoughts on “Labour councillor repeats disgraceful lies about Covid-19 deaths in a published anti-SNP diatribe

  1. Sounds like a rather unpleasant character as well as a liar. He is a councillor? Taking a wage from the public purse? Are there no rules of conduct for councillors, he sounds very unprofessional indeed.

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  2. Somewhat off topic here, the ONS has data comparing excess deaths, the most reliable way of judging the impact of covid-19 on countries or regions.

    “Analysis of Weeks 8 to 24 (week ending 21 February to week ending 12 June) at local authority level (NUTS3) across Europe shows that the highest rates of excess mortality were in areas in Central Spain and Northern Italy; Bergamo (Northern Italy) had the highest peak excess mortality of 847.7% (week ending 20 March) compared with the highest in the UK, Brent at 357.5% (week ending 17 April).

    Looking at major cities, the highest peak excess mortality was in Madrid at 432.7% (week ending 27 March) while in the UK, Birmingham had the highest peak excess mortality of any major British city at 249.7% (week ending 17 April).

    Of the four nations of the UK, England had the highest peak excess mortality (107.6% in week ending 17 April).

    England saw the second highest national peak of excess mortality during Weeks 8 to 24 (week ending 21 February to week ending 12 June), compared with 21 European countries, with only Spain seeing a higher peak; at the equivalent of local authority level, areas of Central Spain and Northern Italy saw the highest peaks of excess mortality and exceeded any parts of the UK.

    While England did not have the highest peak mortality, it did have the longest continuous period of excess mortality of any country compared, resulting in England having the highest levels of excess mortality in Europe for the period as a whole. “

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  3. John,here is another O/T BBC Papers last night ,person from Spectator talking about Independence and how Scotland might vote YES presenter then said something like that the Union would need to send for Gordon Brown,maybe check it out anyone.

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  4. Kaye Adams working hard to undermine public support for the new Covid-19 restrictions.
    Happy to read out ill-informed politically motivated texts. R

    Undermining the Covid-19 messaging reduces public adherence to the required behaviour, INCREASES the spread of the virus. Does Kaye care?

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  5. People like Gallagher pine for “the good old days” when Scottish Labour could posture against right-wingers like Thatcher, in the pretence they were “socialists”, get a march going to London to “save” jobs ( which were never saved, and the trade union bosses travelled in coaches or cars).
    Labour cooncillors get the best council houses, which they then bought.
    There was a conveyor belt to get you or your family, a job in the council; to stand for the council, or as an MSP or an MP.
    Journalism was cosy–no hard questions asked, no scandal revealed (still the same at Westminster).
    Politics was CIVILISED. After public ructions, Labour and Tories would have a drink together, shoot the breeze, gossip about their Leaders, scam the public with padded expenses etc etc.

    These pesky Nats spoiled it all.
    No wonder Gallagher and his ilk are “miffed”!
    You see their greetin’ letters in the papers–they cheered on May, now they root for Boris. They would follow Auld Nick to get one over the SNP.😩


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