Ayrshire Labour councillor suggests electorate is just too thick to vote for him

In a refreshingly open acknowledgement of who he is, Alex Gallagher, Labour councillor, North Ayrshire Council, Largs, tries the same old explanation for the collapse in support for his party and the SNP surge – it’s a con-trick and you, dear voter, have been duped because, frankly, you’re not as clever as he is.

I’m too weary to rebut his claims, one by one, but other than one, you can find them here:


The one most troubling, is his repetition, now utterly disproven, of this:

The pandemic death rate claim is too dishonest to leave so I’ll do it in the next post.

11 thoughts on “Ayrshire Labour councillor suggests electorate is just too thick to vote for him

    1. That is because as far as he is concerned North Ayrshire Council and the local Labour Party are the same thing and so using Council employees on Labour matters is no contradiction in his mind.

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  1. SNP’s ‘record’. Hmm, it’s true though, I mean they haven’t exactly shafted Scotland like Labour did with their PFI scams, sending £billions back to the government in England, building just 6 council houses, the Edinburgh trams fiaxco, not building essential bridges, (leaving the old one until it would fall down) or upgrading major roads, no investment in health or education. Ah, Labour’s ‘record’.
    How could any party beat that eh.

    I saw on twitter that some Scottish journo is calling for a, ‘no confidence vote in Nicola Sturgeon’.
    Desperate indeed.

    Can’t remember his name sorry.


    1. Oh and Labours’ record in not building the borders railway. Ten years they had in power at Holyrood, I cannot think of one single positive thing they did for Scotland in all that time, not one. Must be a record!

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      1. Since you mention PFI, the awarding of the contract for the rebuilding of, I think, Ardrossan Academy, by North Ayrshire Council has not been properly examined.

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  2. With regards to the word THICK
    well every time I view the Government front bench at Westminster and the opposition seats at Holyrood
    All i survey appear as Planks of Wood
    And some very THICK ones indeed
    So much so that a state of confusion arises
    As to whether or not are they planks or
    More like a Railway Sleeper

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