In a familiar show of the herd instinct in the educated (THITE), 600 EIS reps in schools want to stampede for home because schools haven’t arranged class sizes of 2 or less for them.

Prof Chomsky, way back, showed that graduated folk are more likely to believe what they read than un-graduated workers who have learned through bitter experience, not to trust their supposed betters.

Here’s the evidence ignored, of course:

Teachers are not at an increased risk of dying from Covid-19 compared with the general working-age population and are in a lower risk profession, the government’s UK chief medical officers and their deputies said today. In a joint statement, summarising the latest evidence on health risks around schools reopening, they say that “current international evidence” suggests that transmission of Covid-19 from school-age children “to parents or other adult family members is relatively rare compared to transmission from adults“.

The message is clear:

Don’t fear the wean/bairns but stop gathering with your mates for a coffee or a stiff one. Oh yes, that reminds me, no more than one member of staff allowed in larger walk-in storerooms at any one time!

Footnote: Is the Herald’s Martin Williams using my pieces as a guide to headlines? Earlier, he uses ‘duplicity’ after my unique use of it that morning and now ‘thrown under the bus.’

Once more Google is on my side:

Does this make me one of those social media ‘influencers?‘ If he grows a goatee.