I know, I know, it’s just clickbait. She doesn’t mean it. She has a new car to pay for.

Yes, but somebody might read it, believe it and, thanks to Alison Rowat, kill their granny.

Stirring the ill-informed and/or evil protests from a handful of cynical politicians and passers-by in a Glasgow street trawled by BBC Scotland, Rowat deliberately or stupidly ignores the clear rationale for the Glasgow measures, from the the FM and the DFM.

Rowat opens with a clear piece of dishonesty implying that a friend cannot hand over shopping to an elderly person because they cannot now enter the house. Leave it on the bloody step and knock the door? If they cannot answer their own door it’s a special case. Go in and observe the FACTS you…

I know, I know, they could meet in a pub. Yes and the owners would ensure social distancing and other safety measures. Simple.

The notion that ‘us’ including Rowat presumably, can make a better fist of dealing with the pandemic after the SG has kept deaths and infections far below those in England is both offensive and dangerous.

If Rowat does not know that the above is true, she can read this:


I am angry. You can tell? She deserves anger.