August 1962: A section of the Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz maintained by the German Democratic Republic between 1961 and 1989. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)
(Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

From Stewart Young, Cumbria County Council, in the Insider today:

The leader of Cumbria County Council says Scotland would have to ‘build something like the Berlin Wall’ in order to physically close the border.


We’ve discovered though [sic] a recent Covid-19 outbreak at the Cumberland Infirmary [in Carlisle] that there is a sizable number of hospital staff who actually live in Scotland, and a border would have made things a lot harder.

The US doesn’t even have a ‘Berlin Wall‘ between it and Juarez, one of the most violent, drug-ridden cities in the world.

Is there a Bern Wall [I know it’s in the middle, Brenda, leave it!] between Switzerland and its EU neighbours? Nope.

And as for a border making ‘things a lot harder‘, does he mean harder for the virus to cross? If so, I’m all for a Berlin Wall at Gretna.