Are English Labour council leaders just as bright as ours as one claims we’d need a ‘Berlin Wall?

August 1962: A section of the Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz maintained by the German Democratic Republic between 1961 and 1989. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)
(Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

From Stewart Young, Cumbria County Council, in the Insider today:

The leader of Cumbria County Council says Scotland would have to ‘build something like the Berlin Wall’ in order to physically close the border.


We’ve discovered though [sic] a recent Covid-19 outbreak at the Cumberland Infirmary [in Carlisle] that there is a sizable number of hospital staff who actually live in Scotland, and a border would have made things a lot harder.

The US doesn’t even have a ‘Berlin Wall‘ between it and Juarez, one of the most violent, drug-ridden cities in the world.

Is there a Bern Wall [I know it’s in the middle, Brenda, leave it!] between Switzerland and its EU neighbours? Nope.

And as for a border making ‘things a lot harder‘, does he mean harder for the virus to cross? If so, I’m all for a Berlin Wall at Gretna.

10 thoughts on “Are English Labour council leaders just as bright as ours as one claims we’d need a ‘Berlin Wall?”

  1. Technically,there will be a hard border between Ireland and the UK state in a few months time,a choice Made in England by English voters.
    The point of borders is to ensure that the laws of your country are enforced on those seeking entry.
    If someone enters your country illegally or breaks the law once resident,then they can be sent back whence they came.
    England has decided that it wants a hard border with Europe and that will probably include Ireland and a future independent Scotland.
    The EU will fund any border infrastructure required in order to protect it’s market from English privateers.
    England’s choice,not ours.

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    1. Yep. Scotland has been trading with Europe for centuries as well, before the UK Union, and will continue to do so in or out of the EU.


      1. Many Scots words are same or similar as in some European languages

        Scots Swedish.
        Braw. Bra (p: Braw)
        Polis. Polis

        Scots. Dutch
        Kirk. Kirk


    2. Norway is in EFTA/EEA (i.e. the Single Market), that makes things a lot easier.

      Despite that there are approved roads for commercial goods, with customs and other controls. Plus occasional random spot checks on non approved roads for any traffic.

      Assuming that Scotland was in EU (or EFTA/EEA), and England was still a 3rd country, then the Scotland / England border would have to be more akin to that of Ukraine with the EU member states.


  2. What is it that people do not understand about ‘borders’ I wonder, or are the English Labour council in Cumbria trying to scare people, as well as blame their and their government’s lack of proper action in reducing/stopping the spread of the Covid19 virus on Scotland?

    Has the divide and rule started already between North of England and Scotland? Will there be another invasion, get people fighting battles back and forth with each other, smashing!

    The BritNat media did an excellent job in 2014, where my family and friends (NE Eng. generally always been a bit of a pal with Scotland) became quite (some very) hostile towards Scotland, especially of course,’ I divin’t like that Alic Salmond mind’. Why not? They couldn’t answer at all.


  3. Scotland already has a border with England, its defined by legal jurisdiction, its the same border England had with France or America or any other country, in the EU or out.

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