Sixteen people died in the last 24 hours, in England, from coronavirus infection. At the beginning of August around 13 people were dying directly from coronavirus infection every day. By today the 7 day average has dropped to 10. Over the last 30 days more than 300 have died. The BBC in England does not report this. Indeed, they rarely report the pandemic at all.

In Scotland, below, and almost every day in recent weeks, rising infection levels and especially any ‘linked to‘ schools have been in the headlines.

Yesterday, the first deaths for six weeks headlined in Scotland. The 16, 32 in two days, and up from 4 the previous day, in England, did not.

The BBC in England broadcasts to a population ruled over by a party they fear might reduce their licence fee income, or worse, if they allow critical reporting. BBC Scotland knows the Scottish Government has no current power over them but that it’s agenda threatens their very existence.

This is one day but as regulars here will know, it is only part of a bigger and longer tendency: