The 300 deaths BBC England dare not report

Sixteen people died in the last 24 hours, in England, from coronavirus infection. At the beginning of August around 13 people were dying directly from coronavirus infection every day. By today the 7 day average has dropped to 10. Over the last 30 days more than 300 have died. The BBC in England does not report this. Indeed, they rarely report the pandemic at all.

In Scotland, below, and almost every day in recent weeks, rising infection levels and especially any ‘linked to‘ schools have been in the headlines.

Yesterday, the first deaths for six weeks headlined in Scotland. The 16, 32 in two days, and up from 4 the previous day, in England, did not.

The BBC in England broadcasts to a population ruled over by a party they fear might reduce their licence fee income, or worse, if they allow critical reporting. BBC Scotland knows the Scottish Government has no current power over them but that it’s agenda threatens their very existence.

This is one day but as regulars here will know, it is only part of a bigger and longer tendency:

5 thoughts on “The 300 deaths BBC England dare not report”

  1. It’s truly sickening that the Britnats and BBC revel in the deaths of people in Scotland. It’s actually good news as far as the Britnat media are concerned. The perochial BBC knows that people can access real information elsewhere. People want to know whats happening in the country next door, and abroad and not just their own backyard. BBC is past it’s sell by date, at least in Scotland it is.


  2. Since the very start i have been monitoring the nos.on official government web sites
    And i can assure you England continually plays games and alters format and rules
    Far too many times to lay out here
    But all cleverly done with a obvious and devious motive to Cook the Books
    How any media hack has never picked up
    On this is way beyond me
    Only yesterday on UK.Gov.daily corona dash board it took me over 6 hrs Oh yes it did to get at the figs
    Normally it takes 4-6 mins
    The Scottish site 1 click and less than a second later all the info you need on same page as well as being logical and easily understood and completely transparent
    Good God man this is quite literally a matter of life,health and death
    And to even think far less know that those who govern you cheat and lie officially only in order to hide their own inadequacies and utter incompetence beggars belief
    This matter alone DEMANDS Indy ref 2 Now
    How much longer are we willing to be aboard the same rust bucket of a ship
    Holed below the waterline with a utter idiot of a captain and crewed with those of a most abject nature of greed,self interest and incompetence
    Far very far from being fit for purpose
    All this is akin to a failing state with a tinpot leadership
    And as far as ABC concerned they merely are the band playing upon the deck of a rapidly sinking ship of fools and doing so by playing what is ordered
    Land of Hope & Glory Rule Britania etc etc
    Oh what fools they take us for
    Independence is no longer a desire but one of a pressing and URGENT need
    Not for I at my age but for all the Bairns and Generations to follow us
    Any responsible citizen no matter of which nation could never ever allow their
    Young and future generations to be handed what Scotland endures
    It is a basic responsibility of Adults to ensure the success and viability of its young
    This matter is way beyond politics now

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    1. “How any media hack has never picked up on this is way beyond me” leaves you with two choices, an endless supply of D notices or a sudden and drastic reduction in the intellect of journalists and researchers across the board, personally I go with the former in both the formal and the informal method.
      We’ve seen how England based outlets which asked awkward questions have been ostracised, behind the gloss is a draconian control over what the media say either via the owners or via direct “intervention”, but let’s not presume the journalists are not victims in this.
      On the flip side you have the all out war on SG in the National and local media, John has highlighted them here on many an occasion, but he is not perceived yet as a major thorn in their side.


  3. I caught part of a piece on Radio 4 on Wednesday evening (26th) which was an interview with Lord Hall the outgoing Chair of the BBC. In the part I heard, he spoke of a chance meeting with Mr Dominic Cummings, in which, essentially, he said that the BBC could do a great job for the Government internationally. He seemed to be offering it as a voice of the Government, a propaganda service. Now this might not be news to many of us in Scotland, but, it was still noteworthy to hear it being stated explicitly to a mainly English audience.



    “The number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 14 August (Week 33) was 9,392; this was 447 deaths higher than in Week 32.

    In Week 33, the number of deaths registered was 3.4% above the five-year average (307 deaths higher); this is the first time that deaths have been above the five-year average since the week ending 12 June (Week 24).

    The rise in deaths in Week 33, compared with Week 32 and the five-year average, was not driven by the coronavirus (COVID-19), as deaths involving COVID-19 continued to decline; England and Wales experienced high temperatures during Week 33, which may explain the rise in overall deaths.

    The number of deaths in hospitals remained below the five-year average in Week 33, while the number of deaths in private homes continued to be higher than the five-year average (812 more deaths); the number of deaths in care homes was above the five-year average (36 more deaths) for the first time since Week 24.

    Of the deaths registered in Week 33, 139 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 21 weeks and an 8.6% decrease compared with Week 32 (152 deaths), accounting for 1.5% of all deaths in England and Wales.”


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