In a stunning moment of clarity and honesty, on GMS yesterday, BBC Scotland’s Political Editor told listeners:

The thing to bear in mind is they [GERS]were first published in 1992 in John Major as Prime Minister and [the vampiric] Ian Lang as Scottish Secretary and yes I covered that news conference. The point is that although they are statistical calculations, from the very outset they had a political purpose at that time. It was designed to undermine what was seen as a drive toward Scottish self-government.

It’s long been apparent that Taylor’s intellectual vanity might one day betray BBC Scotland’s agenda. See that ‘I was there‘ bit? He is clearly their sharpest, most erudite and best enunciated act, among admittedly, some pretty blunt tools. He knows too much and delights in telling you so. On this occasion, he just had to show off what he knew about GERS.

He was nearly correct, missing only the fact that few of the calculations merit the description. Certainly, none require algorithms. If you can divide by 12 (Scotland’s share) you’re there and have essentially a set of estimates.

To become the smart one in your bubble, join Brian in that elite which has read and benefited from this: