SHOCK: BBC’s Brian Taylor tells listeners that GERS is anti-Independence propaganda. It is too

In a stunning moment of clarity and honesty, on GMS yesterday, BBC Scotland’s Political Editor told listeners:

The thing to bear in mind is they [GERS]were first published in 1992 in John Major as Prime Minister and [the vampiric] Ian Lang as Scottish Secretary and yes I covered that news conference. The point is that although they are statistical calculations, from the very outset they had a political purpose at that time. It was designed to undermine what was seen as a drive toward Scottish self-government.

It’s long been apparent that Taylor’s intellectual vanity might one day betray BBC Scotland’s agenda. See that ‘I was there‘ bit? He is clearly their sharpest, most erudite and best enunciated act, among admittedly, some pretty blunt tools. He knows too much and delights in telling you so. On this occasion, he just had to show off what he knew about GERS.

He was nearly correct, missing only the fact that few of the calculations merit the description. Certainly, none require algorithms. If you can divide by 12 (Scotland’s share) you’re there and have essentially a set of estimates.

To become the smart one in your bubble, join Brian in that elite which has read and benefited from this:


9 thoughts on “SHOCK: BBC’s Brian Taylor tells listeners that GERS is anti-Independence propaganda. It is too

  1. I heard him say much the same thing on RS last night “I Know but best to hear what your enemy says”could hardly believe I was hearing right a change happening I wonder????.


  2. Shiver me timbers , I am going to store that , doubt we will hear such honesty from the BBC again , need to go for a lie down now 😁


  3. We now have something to ram down the open mouths of the ranting Unionists
    Stand ready each and everyone of us to do so with each and every oppurtunity
    All that is needed regards GERS is proper accredited comments from one respected expert and renowned recognisable Fiscal academic. put over short sharp and sweetly
    How GERS is a rigged pack that lies and paints a false picture
    EVEN some use can be found for ABC
    I need smelling salts quick i feel faint


  4. Really surprised at Brian Taylor’s comment, but it’s something we can use in future arguments with those who disagree.
    I was also well impressed with Kate Forbes interview on GERS. She never stumbled or hesitated once, on an answer to any question and looked very confident. One for the future I think.



    I like this bit.

    In a leaked memo the then Secretary of State for Scotland Ian Lang wrote “I judge that [GERS] is just what is needed at present in our campaign to maintain the initiative and undermine the other parties. This initiative could score against all of them.”[5]
    Now we know and it should be on all Independent sites,as we say “never trust a Tory”

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  6. Let’s not call his honest remarks ‘intellectual vanity’. He deserves praise for saying that and for the balance of his summary.


    1. Maybe just Maybe Brian is undergoing
      Damascus moment and realises which way the wind is blowing
      If so he hedging his bets because i do respect the fellows intelligence
      And he is savvy enough to realise what it means to stick with the wrong side
      And the severe personal consequences of getting it wrong
      Unlike all his compatriots in the ABC who
      honestly think they can climb the greasy pole against the gravitational forces of a Indy Majority


  7. Vanity? Could be. I wouldn’t trust Brain Taylor as far as I could throw him whatever the reasons,,, and I wouldn’t be throwing him far, maybe in the micron range.

    On GERS, I’ve just read a thought provoking comment about it:

    Questions on GERS from Ken Mathieson:

    “Today’s media is, as predicted, awash with lurid and derogatory articles and this begs some important questions:
    1) Given the massive political damage caused by publication (by the Scottish Gov) of GERS, by whose order is the Scottish Gov required to produce GERS?
    2) If there is no legal requirement to publish GERS, why does Scottish Gov persist in producing it?
    3) If GERS must, by legal requirement, be published, can this be reversed and, if so, how?
    4) If GERS must, by legal requirement, be published, why does Scot Gov not get an independent auditor to report on it?
    5) Given the misleading nature and widespread use of the GERS data and conclusions, could the party responsible for ordering GERS to be produced, whether Scot Gov or UK Gov, be charged with false accounting, willful misrepresentation or fraud?
    6) What happened to the alternative report on Scotland’s economic status which Scot Gov had quietly trailed would be produced at the same time as GERS?”

    Comment on:

    Is there anyone out there that knows any answers to those questions?


  8. Always great play made of the fact that the GERS figures are produced in Edinburgh. Aye, they are compiled and printed there, but mainly from London supplied figures.


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