‘Scotland’s school children are among the world’s lucky ones’

This has to be a first! In the world of Brian Monteith, John McClelland and Brian Wilson, near the letters pages saturated with the rancid lies of the likes of Professor Stevenson and Scotland in Union’s writing team, Professor Sridhar appears to put things into perspective as an academic should.

Once in a red, white and blue moon, the Scotsman publishes something true. It’s not the top story of course. Celtic crashing out of Europe is clearly more important than our 700 000 school pupils in a time of pandemic.

You’ll want to read the whole thing so only a snippet here:


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5 thoughts on “‘Scotland’s school children are among the world’s lucky ones’

  1. It looks as if Prof Sridhar may be taking a step back from involvement in the UK’s Covid-19 situation but will hopefully still advise the Scottish Gov
    Frm Ann’s links on Indyref2.space

    Devi Sridhar. Going to be turning my focus back to more global issues esp in LMICs & also finding it too hard to make sense of what’s happening in the UK as a whole.


    If trying to make sense of the UK Gov’s statistics is proving problematical for Prof Sridhar what hope for the rest of us? The UK Gov has been actively trying, with some success, to hide what is actually happening in England with regards to Covid-19 case numbers, testing etc.

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      1. I know. The figures for England seem to come from so many different sources, over so many different timescales and each using different definitions of what is being counted.

        Then just as the total number of deaths was about to hit 50,000 they presto 5000 or more are lopped of the total.


  2. BBC radio scotland to interview author of book making the case that the science the FM bases her decions on is “corrupt ” .
    . . . . A clear attempt to undermine the public’s trust in the FM.
    To be aired before 6.pm


  3. Contrast the print edition headline in the Scotsman –
    “Scotland may not be able to keep schools open, writes Professor Devi Sridhar.”

    So print headline for Morningside readers, who would choke on their cornflakes if they had printed the other headline.

    Online headline as clickbait.

    Prof Sridhar – “at least they didn’t call me he”.


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