Not the faces of delay: Where are Grant Shapps and the PM?

By BBC London’s Transport correspondent Tom Edwards: The crucial point to remember with these “opening dates” is no one actually knows when Crossrail will start operating. These dates are now an educated estimate but so many dates have come and gone that no one will trust the latest one.

The minister responsible makes this little appearance and escapes unharmed:

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed that a team of specialists will join the DfT to tackle delays to infrastructure projects caused by the pandemic.

The PM? Dunno…holiday?

2 thoughts on “Not the faces of delay: Where are Grant Shapps and the PM?”

  1. A couple of times in the past month I have heard BBC Scotland interviewers confronting (in a polite and deferential way) Scottish Tory spokespersons who are fulminating about some ‘failure’ of the Scottish Government, with evidence that the Tory Government in Westminster has been adopting similar policies. Usually, there is some bluster about things being ‘different in England’ and ‘anyway, our job is to hold the SG to account.

    Today, rather daringly, a BBC interviewer asked the Scottish Tory Health spokesperson that if an enquiry found the Westminster government to have been culpable in some aspect about which the Scottish Tories were accusing the SG, would they ‘condemn’ Westminster!


  2. I see that A Sutherland “SIU” is saying that all the unionist parties should get behind GG and his new party to defeat the Bad SNP at the next election.
    Letter page Tory paper P&J


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