The Scottish Labour branch’s Health rep is headlined in the Herald with a typically desperate attempt to exploit an unavoidable consequence of the outbreak with irresponsible and ill-informed claims which, irresponsibly , can only scare the very patients she pretends to care about.

Cancer death tsunami? Astonishingly she claims this:

More people die from cancer than from Covid-19?

Well duh, yes, because the SNP (as she likes to always put it) lock-down strategy has pushed the Covid-19 death rate down to zero for more than a month now, ever widening the gap with Labour Wales and Tory England.

Crisis in cancer services before Covid-19?

96.1% of patients started treatment within the 31-day standard, compared with 96.5% in the previous quarter and 94.9% for quarter ending March 2019.

Surgery capability?

The WHO in 2019 said: Scotland’s health system is to be congratulated for a multi-year effort that has produced some of the largest population-wide reductions in surgical deaths ever documented.’

AND of course missing from Lennon’s argument, the reasons why cancer patients were kept away from hospitals?

Cancer treatment in hospitals weakens the immune system making patients particularly at risk from death by Covid-19 and travel to hospitals increases that risk further. What on earth does Lennon think should have been done differently then?,such%20as%20cancer%20chemotherapy%20drugs).

As for the planned cuts designed to keep those same patients safe, while re-introducing the more urgent surgery safely, she does know that the virus is still with us?