Every part of UK believes Scotland has handled outbreak better despite media spin suggesting it’s just SNP spin


All day yesterday, all across the UK and Scottish media, we heard the question ‘Yes, but has Scotland really handled the outbreak better?‘ with doubts about the reality, based on evidence of the total death level due to the 4 Nations approach and not the more recent levels due to the three months of Scottish Government and popular actions.

YouGov’s poll yesterday, suggests the media misinformation has been less influential than many of us feared.

In every part of the UK, a majority believe that Scotland has done better. Is that because they can access the actual data in social media and that they share that with each other? They can see this awful truth:

As of yesterday, the death rate in England is 634 times higher and even once adjusted for her larger population, 63 times higher!


You can fool all of the…………

8 thoughts on “Every part of UK believes Scotland has handled outbreak better despite media spin suggesting it’s just SNP spin

  1. “Is that because they can access the actual data in social media and that they share that with each other? ” – Possibly a factor, but most is down to half of England seeking out the SG Updates on YouTube in preference to every media channel on the same manicured pap from Downing Street’s Spin Team.
    The twist in Team Boris sending the Press Jackals after the FM is that it only increased sympathy and trust in the FM, and distrust in the PM, which is why the Tories are so frantic to shut it down…
    The FM ripping Chris Musson a new one yesterday will have been cheered from Land’s End to John o’Groats, Johnson will be chucking stuff out of the pram shortly….

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  2. Well.

    I’ve just heard, on GMS radio Scotland, the presenter contradict and correct some silly posh woman (Anita Boating, conservative councillor) who was claiming care home deaths were worse in Scotland than England “that’s not actually true” the presenter interrupted, and after that stated that Scotland has done much better. A small blip of reason I’m sure.

    If their only arguments that the might of union is better for Scotland are based on out-and-out lies, they’re fooling themselves, or are conning us (yet again), and there is no anti-independence argument.

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      1. She was just reading from the brief which the Tories had obviously given out yesterday. Krishnan Guru Murthy of Channel 4 News last night was blustering bombastically and trying to badger Keith Brown with it.

        In the Guardian this morning Martin Kettle is suggesting that MI5should take a greater involvement is the Scottish independence argument even if the Scottish people vote for it. He was presenting it as a ‘threat’ to the UK.


    1. Yes, I heard that, too! I was amazed. The interviewer was Laura McKeever. She has been much more balanced since she started on this after replacing Laura Maxwell. I also thought Martin Geissler brought a bit of journalistic rigour this morning, too.


      1. Oh, I’m falling behind with who the presenters are – I don’t know those names, and didn’t catch the names in my hour of propaganda allocation. I was a bit tuned out as well this morning and only started paying attention when I heard that sentence.

        Boateng – is that how it’s spelt? What a weird name. A councillor in Essex? To tell us how shit we are on radio Scotland, with brazen lies? Maybe they told us what connection she has to whatever they were talking about, but, as I said, I wasn’t paying attention 😉


    2. I didn’t hear that. To be frank, I’ve given over listening, even when I’m in the car.

      I did notice that the report on the no-longer-daily Covid briefing had a more positive sound to it. Not 100% supportive, “Go Scotland!”, but not “Yes, but…” either. I assumed it was a once-off, maybe it’s just a twice-off… Does the 3rd time make it a trend? 🙂

      At a tangent – well done, whoever decided it, on moving the time of the briefing to 1215h. I was totally fed up with having reporters ‘revealing’ the figure 3 minutes before the FM was going to announce them (or, in some cases, AS she was announcing them). Not to mention BBC Radio Scotland not broadcasting the briefing until 1234h, missing the updated figures completely and starting halfway through a sentence in whatever update was being announced. Understandable,. I mean, it’s really important to know it’s going to rain, or that the football’s still off. Which is why they’re included after every news bulletin, instead of just once like the briefing.


      1. A 3rd time means they are REALLY trying to soften you up for a big whammy of a Union Jack fest in the near future. Their ‘fair and impartial’ minuscule snippets never last beyond 3 in a row.


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