On BBC Scotland’s Nine, last night Dr Marsha Scott of Scottish Women’s Aid, spoke of the 95% reported increase in calls during the lock-down and the way it has even further limited the choices available to those being abused. It’s a disturbing aspect of the strategy which further demonstrates the need for Scotland to be able to come out of lock-down as soon as is safely and sustainably possible.

There was one positive comment from Dr Scott [47 min] which, of course, should be reported here:

And one of the big things that we found on the helpline was that a really big part of the calls in the initial part of lock-down was just information about, if women decided to leave and could leave, would the police tell them that they had to go back. I mean we heard some stories from England that that might have been the case. And I want to give lots of credit to the Scottish police. That was certainly never the message up here.