Police Scotland praised for sensitive approach to domestic abuse calls

On BBC Scotland’s Nine, last night Dr Marsha Scott of Scottish Women’s Aid, spoke of the 95% reported increase in calls during the lock-down and the way it has even further limited the choices available to those being abused. It’s a disturbing aspect of the strategy which further demonstrates the need for Scotland to be able to come out of lock-down as soon as is safely and sustainably possible.

There was one positive comment from Dr Scott [47 min] which, of course, should be reported here:

And one of the big things that we found on the helpline was that a really big part of the calls in the initial part of lock-down was just information about, if women decided to leave and could leave, would the police tell them that they had to go back. I mean we heard some stories from England that that might have been the case. And I want to give lots of credit to the Scottish police. That was certainly never the message up here.


One thought on “Police Scotland praised for sensitive approach to domestic abuse calls”

  1. So police in England told women, who were victims of domestic abuse, that they had to stay in that situation, and ‘go back’ if they wanted to leave, jeez. How utterly disgraceful, how backward, is it the 1950’s in England? Can a husband have his wife sectioned if she proves too bothersome and take 100% custody of the children who could aloso be vuilnerable at the hands of the perpetrator? England’s looking like a scary country.


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