BBC regular spreads wild conspiracy theory suggesting Scottish Government covering-up covid outbreaks

Hugh Pennington and care home owner / Tory donor, Robert Kilgour, attack the SNP Government’s handling of the pandemic and suggest they’re covering-up outbreaks.

Pennington (82) is in a frenzy of letter-writing, radio and TV appearances and now we see this madcap video on behalf of Scotland Matters.

It’s getting to the point where I hesitate to mock the afflicted but some might believe him.

We should, however, keep this in perspective.

Scotland Matters has 53 subscribers with 4 thumbs up, 13 thumbs down and only two comments for this video – ‘Worried much?’ and ‘Desperate.’

For context, my only YouTube venture has 124,234 views, 2 000 thumbs up and 87 thumbs down:

16 thoughts on “BBC regular spreads wild conspiracy theory suggesting Scottish Government covering-up covid outbreaks”

  1. Scotland Natters.

    “Scotland Mutters.

    Scotland Nutters……..eureka! Now we have it.
    Scotland Nutters… has a certain ring about it!

    Scotland Nutters. …Ahhhhhh”

    Hugh. Hugh, you in there? Hugh, whit are you doin’.
    HUGH! You cum oot o’ there this minute. Ye hear mi?
    O p e n t h e t o I l e t d o o r!

    Hughie, , you don’t cum oot o’ there, am cawin’ yer social worker.
    You’ll end up back in the BAD PLACE…Ye hear mi?”

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  2. Well he’s not as handsome as you John so of course you got more thumbs up 😉

    I’ve just spotted this, Richard Murphy says he’s on the BBC Scotland Nine (?) news program saying an independent Scotland could easily deal with the Covid crisis – does anyone have a TVs licence and wants to watch to see how much they show?

    His article says he was surprised to be asked to go on because of his accent,,, well, we aren’t.

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    1. Here is a copy of what prof Murphy wrote:

      I’ve just recorded for The Nine on BBC Scotland at 9pm saying Scotland would be completely able to deliver all the support the UK government has to the people of Scotland if it was independent, had its own currency and its own central bank. Hoping some of that makes it to air

      — Richard Murphy (@RichardJMurphy) July 23, 2020

      I was a little surprised they asked me – given my accent – but was emphatic that Scotland has plenty broad enough shoulders to more than carry its own people through any economic crisis that might face them – subject to those conditions.

      We recorded for more than five minutes. I suspect 15 seconds will get to air.”

      Now THAT is why I keep in contact with Richard Murphy, he’s not scared to say it like it is, and has the confidence to back it up. I note in an earlier article he used the term ‘London’ to describe the seat of power/Westminster – we don’t think this is unusual, but it really is for those down south. I am usually careful in phrasing my comments on his blog as it is aimed at a largely English audience, but accidentally used the London (as the seat of power) term in a comment a while ago. This sparked a lively debate (how dare you say anything bad about London! I think the theatres are lovely and it has great coffee shops! 😀 ) which I unfortunately missed most of, but more eloquent folk than me explained the actual meaning of the usage – and it seems to have caught on. I like an open mind.

      We can borrow from this type of confidence, learn how to be sure of ourselves but open to changing our way of thinking about things. Remember, confidence is something they are brought up to have in spades down south, we need to learn it. Be very sure, Scotland is wholly capable of not just surviving, but thriving as an independent nation again, even with a hostile neighbour. (I’m talking about Russia, obviously)

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      1. ” if it was independent, had its own currency and its own central bank. Hoping some of that makes it to air”

        The BBC may be picking up a question to the FM by the Sun correspondent at the daily briefing. It was put to her that Scotland, following the Growth Commission would not have its own currency etc. and might not be able to borrow……..bad, bad, bad.

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      2. Aha, yes, it’s an easy win for the MSM. The SNP leadership seem to be ignoring the fact that the Growth Commission moronic idea of keeping the English pound was voted down in conference – two years ago now? – and Tim Rideout’s proposal for a new currency was voted in favour of (not by the leadership, but SNP is meant to democratically select its policies, so they should have abided by it). Why stick to a dead end argument, when in practice it isn’t even party policy, I have no idea – it’s a simple response to journalists ‘we would have our own currency… ‘.

        Of course you have your own currency, and your own central bank – then you can ‘borrow’ as much as you want! (Borrow = QE). You never want to borrow in a foreign currency, well, mostly anyway.

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  3. Not a surprising pairing or subject really, it serves Poison’s anti-Indy crusade whilst defending Kilgour’s financial interests against what must surely follow Covid, review and reform of the Care-Home sector in Scotland.

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  4. I have watched the clips now – that Hugh guy isn’t even coherent! Mumbling, stuttering, rambling – a fair achievement for just 20 seconds of recording.

    Your clip John – it’s good to rewatch these things at regular intervals – needs updating I think. You refer to ‘subtle’ all the time regarding the media propaganda and bias, and their repetition – is subtle really the best word these days? I think they have become much more obvious just over the past few years.

    Also interesting was your bit about how the BBC and other media personified the independence movement by constantly referring to Alex Salmond’s referendum so they could attack the person, not the group or the idea. Interesting that that’s what a lot of the independence movement seem to be doing to themselves now with Nicola Sturgeon, eh? I just wonder if that’s through choice, copying behaviour or through malign influence, that is, are the media still doing it (they are, but…). But the effect is still the same, independence has been centred on one person instead of attributed to the whole of Scotland, with its diversity. It narrows the field and makes Independence party-political, and easily attacked.

    Also should any ‘media’ include the published influences of sections of the security services – obviously this is not overt where they own their work, but many of the memes they are pushing can become obvious after the fact – you can be certain any favourite phrases the MSM latch on to – for instance, ‘gaming the system’ – that have become common parlance (especially ones that make little sense), have been planted by the security services. That’s the subtle part now.

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      1. That does seem to be the mindset Clydebuilt – but it’s a bit of a yes and no, or maybe a chicken and egg situation. The thing is, the Yes movement is a wide and dispersed group of many differing opinions, so what the dark forces need to do first is corrall everyone into believing independence banks on only one person – so not be too fierce with their attacks for a start, but critical enough we all rally round – and once you have achieved that, then you destroy the person and the independence movement with it.

        Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and I have been disturbed to see the growing number of strongly protective comments when it comes to Nicola Sturgeon – it’s their right to support her and believe everything she does is perfect, but when those comments turn into attacks on others that don’t believe that or are critical in any way, effectively claiming that if you are critical of the SNP/Nicola Sturgeon then you will destroy any hope of independence – that’s where I see the trend. Shut down debate, make one person into the personification of independence – easily taken down or controlled at whim.

        It’s a weakness we will always have – we need some kind of central leadership to rally behind and believe will deliver us from the forces of darkness – but we just can’t, because it leaves us vulnerable. We all need to be, or stay, flexible, open-minded and tolerant of each other.

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