From BBC 1’s James Shaw today:

Whether Scotland really has coped better with the virus is hard to assess. There have been more that 4 000 deaths, more than half of them in care homes.

This astonishing claim is repeated daily and across the the UK and Scottish media, despite its clear and obvious falsehood.

Leaving aside reasons for Scotland’s similar performance in the early days of the 4 Nations approach, since then, her performance has accelerated away from that of England to produce and all-too-real difference. By mid-May, around two weeks after the start of Scotland’s harder lock-down, on 26th March 2020, and increasingly after England’s too-early loosening in early June, the gap has widened dramatically.

As of yesterday, the death rate in England is 634 times higher and even once adjusted for her larger population, 63 times higher!

The infection rate in England is 37 times higher and even adjusted for her larger population, 3.7 times higher!

The tragedy of the early days has another story but it should not continue to be used to explain the present