Around 11am this morning, Sky’s Adam Boulton said:

It’s strange isn’t it, in practical terms, Scotland hasn’t done any better than the rest of the UK in handling covid. It actually had a worse performance in care homes and yet the voters seem to be giving Nicola Sturgeon credit for what she’s done in the Scottish Government whereas it’s not gone so well for Boris Johnson.

His panellists did not contradict him.

The extent to which the myth of perception as opposed to real achievements by the Scottish Government persists is astonishing. Does Boulton not hear Professor Sridhar? Do the Sky researchers not check anything?

How can this be no better?

On Sunday 19th July, England’s Covid-19, 7 day average death rate was 67.6 compared to Scotland’s 0.1, 676 times higher or 67.6 times higher, per head of population.

On the same day, England’s 7 day average infection rate was 582.1 compared to Scotland’s 12.3, 43 times higher or 4.3 times higher, per head of population.

As for the worse performance in care homes:

Data from research by LSE, reported on May 14th in Care Home Professional:

More than 22 000 care home residents in England and Wales have died during the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research. In a new paper, the LSE said data on deaths had underestimated the impact of the pandemic on care home residents as it did not take into account the indirect mortality effects of the pandemic and/or because of problems with the identification of the disease as the cause of death. The paper said current data only accounted for an estimated 41.6% of all excess deaths in care homes.

In Scotland, up to 17th May, there were 1 623 deaths in care homes where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.

The population of England and Wales is 59 million, 10.7 times that of Scotland at 5.5 million so, all things being equal you might expect the death rate there to be 10.7 times 1 623 or 17 366.

So, the actual care home death rate in Scotland by mid-May, based on the LSE research was 21% lower than in England & Wales.