In the New European today:

A new Tory group labelled the ‘CURG’ has been launched alongside the ERG and CRG, with the aim to make Boris Johnson more supportive of the United Kingdom. The Conservative Union Research Group joins the China Research Group and European Research Group in attempting to pressure the Tory leadership on key issues at the heart of the parliamentary party. But rather than oppose relations, this one wants to bring closer ties.

Official portrait of Robin Millar MP crop 2.jpg

It has been established by Robin Millar [Conservative Christian and Management Consultant], the MP for Aberconwy in North Wales, and is supported by 30 MPs from Wales, Scotland or north of England, and aims to ensure the union is at the heart of government.

Millar’s Christian values are apparent in that he consistently voted against measures to reduce tax avoidance and consistently voted for a stricter asylum system – suffer little children not to come unto me, thank you very much.

He, of course, voted against transferring more powers to the Scottish Parliament and voted against measures to prevent climate change – if the Lord wants to punish the poor with another deluge, that’s alright with me as I live on the hill.

There are only 6 Scottish Cons so they’ll all have to be members. Andrew Bowie who ‘criticized the Scottish Government for “demonstrating its independence” during the pandemic instead of accepting a UK-wide approach’ will be a key player for them.