Andrew Bowie tipped for leading role in Conservative Union Research Group

In the New European today:

A new Tory group labelled the ‘CURG’ has been launched alongside the ERG and CRG, with the aim to make Boris Johnson more supportive of the United Kingdom. The Conservative Union Research Group joins the China Research Group and European Research Group in attempting to pressure the Tory leadership on key issues at the heart of the parliamentary party. But rather than oppose relations, this one wants to bring closer ties.

Official portrait of Robin Millar MP crop 2.jpg

It has been established by Robin Millar [Conservative Christian and Management Consultant], the MP for Aberconwy in North Wales, and is supported by 30 MPs from Wales, Scotland or north of England, and aims to ensure the union is at the heart of government.

Millar’s Christian values are apparent in that he consistently voted against measures to reduce tax avoidance and consistently voted for a stricter asylum system – suffer little children not to come unto me, thank you very much.

He, of course, voted against transferring more powers to the Scottish Parliament and voted against measures to prevent climate change – if the Lord wants to punish the poor with another deluge, that’s alright with me as I live on the hill.

There are only 6 Scottish Cons so they’ll all have to be members. Andrew Bowie who ‘criticized the Scottish Government for “demonstrating its independence” during the pandemic instead of accepting a UK-wide approach’ will be a key player for them.

10 thoughts on “Andrew Bowie tipped for leading role in Conservative Union Research Group”

  1. 4 letter acronyms are just silly, unless you can say it like it’s a word, viz: NATO (or OTAN in French). Clearly CURG is only pronounceable as curge (hard c) or surge, which would be silly unless it surges, and that seems most unlikely.

    From the information you provided about its founder, maybe it should stand for Christian Universal Robbery Group.

    If it were truly a research group, and contained actual researchers, it would inevitably lead to the well known saying:-
    “3 centuries and counting, and we still can’t find a case for the union”.

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    1. Simple
      It is a marketing trick all so that it becomes 2nd nature to use and headline
      Their Results of World class research
      Know thy Foes at all times
      Never ever take your eyes off them
      Even if they Blink sit bold upright
      Analyse Why
      Store in your data base
      That way you gain more and more knowledge of Thy Foe

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  2. When these people talk about “strengthening” the Union,they really mean making sure that Scotland’s voice is completely silenced.
    Ein volk,ein reich.
    And last but not least,ein fuhrer.

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  3. Scottish Tory MP Andrew Bowie
    This is the tw*t who maintains Scotland is not a country and we don’t have a border with his precious England.
    Is Boris going to have a public meeting in George square???? joke.


  4. Michael Barnier is laying it out right now.
    Boris Johnson cannot be trusted, and what he said and wrote, is a lie.”

    But then we all know this.
    What are they falling out about? Oh yes, Scotland’s. With no Scot in the room.

    David Bowie said.–“Stay with us Scotland” . What? All of us in his New York apartment? A tight fit, and somewhat too cosy”.

    Jim Bowie said to Mexico–“We are taking your land, suck it up”! “Oh, is that a bullet”?

    Andrew Bowie said—“Take our land, our fish, our money. Boris, we, the worthless wretches of Scotland, subjugate ourselves to you. You are our God King, and we kiss your feet”!

    A faux history, of…. *guess what is true”?….Almost BBC standards of faux truthiness.

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  5. I don’t think these people know what ‘research’ means, because when it comes to their precious union, there’s nothing to find out, it’s all there already and it’s past it’s sell by date. Only thing they can do is ensure their own country avoids turning really rancid.


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