Is the Times becoming increasingly fair on Scotland?

In the Times today:

Scotland has enjoyed the greatest rate of growth in productivity among the UK nation’s and regions, according to economists. Researchers suggested that Scotland’s annual average labour productivity had risen by 1.69 per cent between 1998 and 2018. That was ahead of second-placed London, on 1.46 per cent, and was comfortably above the UK average of 1.27 per cent. Northern Ireland was bottom of the table, with 0.67 per cent.

I see no sign of this story in the Scottish MSM.

Only in the Times two days ago:

A leading scientific adviser has admitted failing to warn Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson “loudly enough” about the catastrophic impact Covid-19 would have on care homes when the pandemic hit Britain. Mark Woolhouse, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Edinburgh University, said the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), underplayed the significance of protecting the elderly from a “disease of old age”.

Only two, I know. Let me know if you see any evidence for or against this notion.

12 thoughts on “Is the Times becoming increasingly fair on Scotland?”

    1. Well here is another song for you
      And it shall be prominently featured in all tomorrows MSM
      Tis from Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Empire ( sorry The Moon)
      Their is a lunatic in my hall
      Their is a Lunatic in my hall
      And he is lay face down upon the floor
      And everyday the paper boy brings more
      And when the Band your in
      All of a sudden starts playing a different tune
      Then its time to see you on the Dark Side of The Moon
      In this incidence one must refer to the visit of one of his colonies by The very last Emperor of Scotland
      Hail Hail Hail Boris the LUNATIC
      And the Dark Side of The Moon
      As Independence

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  1. On the headline question: I very much doubt it.

    Once you’ve had your fill of reading TuSc, I can recommend having a go at watching some of Richard Murphys new You Tube video series:

    They are short format, 3-4 minutes, and give you a glimpse into real world questions on how government money works. Stick with it and you will very soon have an overall view on how things actually work – how much of what media and politicians tell us is mince – and you’ll be able to spot the glaring errors in thinking and ideology with the best of them (with regard to tax and spending and austerity). No one video will give you the full picture, but you can pick and choose the ones that hold your interest and still reach that understanding.

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  2. Perhaps the Times of London is reading the runes (unlike the Hootsmon and Herod), and wants to sell copy in an independent Scotland.

    Been listening (a bit) to Nick Robinson this morning, and his waffly Brit Nat Bullsh*t. He had Blackford on, with questions by No 10 by the sound of it, then an Essex Boy on (who is also SoS for N. I. ) to defend the Union.
    Now we have Jim Naughtie, the “Token Jock” on, to give some more Brit Nat Bull.
    He introduced Shona Craven –“from a nationalist newspaper”/ Alex Massie..politics unattributed.
    But hey,…….no bias here!

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    1. Re.Upset Murdoch
      No i think not
      The only thing that upsets all and any of there Ilk is
      so just possibly Murdoch and his strong sense of how the money is blowing in the wind is beginning to hedge his bets on a Indy Scotland
      No sensible but ruthless money man
      Ever snub such a large revenue stream
      Such as Scotland
      Foes can became Friends
      But in this instance be aware tis your money he seeks


  3. From the BBC this morning:
    “The response to the coronavirus pandemic has shown the “sheer might” of the UK union, Boris Johnson has said ahead of Thursday’s visit to Scotland.”
    ‘Sheer Might’ ????
    Close, Boris – Very close…..

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  4. Don’t know about the Times but I’ve seen Katie Balls and Adam Boulting state that the outcomes of the covid19 virus in Scotland and England are largely similar and that Scotland did badly with care homes. Due some emails?


    1. Re.are they due e-mails
      Yes and With Full Prejudice
      Telling them they are LIARS
      and if they do not correct and apoligise
      That the right to launch legal proceddings
      Is fully reserved
      Time to let them know the gloves are off now and it is with the truth that are our bare fists that shall land blow upon blow on them


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