634 more deaths every day is superficial only if you’re contented and superficial yourself

Desperately clinging on to memories of Scotland’s trauma in the early days of the outbreak and using that to lie every day in an effort to cover the blood on his hands, a Prime Minister is content with a 634 to 1 disadvantage in death.

I know it’s ‘only’ 63.4 to 1 when you take England’s 10 times larger population into account but that is not done in comparisons with the USA or Brazil and, in the context of mass deaths, does the per capita calculation make things OK?


19 thoughts on “634 more deaths every day is superficial only if you’re contented and superficial yourself

  1. If every damn newspaper and broadcaster is will to tell lies on behalf of Boris and the State, then the mortality rate is meaningless.


  2. There were 144 deaths in the Aberfan disaster.
    It appears that the UK public have become desensitised and incapable of assimilating bad news.
    The billionaire MSM and Russian bought BBC (if Tories are bought and the BBC support the tories, then the BBC is bought too) has a huge part to play in public perception but how stupid do you have to be, to believe that Cummingson is handling the pandemic well and last i saw that was over half of England.

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    1. With the recent Russia report out, I made this comment elsewhere, along similar lines 😉

      … so you will find a bit more scepticism in many Scots when it comes to believing the ‘news’. For instance, we are told the Russia report tells us the Russians interfered with the 2014 referendum – it doesn’t, but they need to distract us from the actual content which is that the uk political establishment is hip- deep in Russian money. Maybe Westminster interference in the independence referendum was at the behest of the Russians though – that must be what they mean.


  3. During the most recent week (13 to 19 July 2020), we estimate there were around 0.52 new COVID-19 infections for every 10,000 people in the community population in England, equating to around 2,800 new cases per day (95% confidence interval: 1,500 to 5,500).

    Modelling of the incidence rate trend suggests that incidence of new infections decreased since mid-May and has now levelled off.



  4. England’s R rate range of coronavirus infection could be as high as one in all parts of the country.

    The rate, which is updated every Friday, shows that the rate of infection across England as a whole has remained the same – but that it is potentially increasing in some parts of the country.

    The government has used R (reproduction) as one means to assess whether the epidemic is in decline. An R rate above 1 means the virus is spreading exponentially, with each contagious person infecting more than one other person. It is also an indication that hospitals and healthcare systems are more vulnerable.

    Last week, many areas hovered just below one, but London and the south-west had reached a top range of 1.1. This week all regions reported ranges reaching one.



  5. Professor Pagel of Independent SAGE tweets.

    “Firstly, for the first since 11 April, the 7 day daily average of new cases has gone up every day for the past week… 1/10 (in England)


  6. “Is time to be v alarmed? Not *quite* yet. From NHS Test & Trace report we know number of people being tested has gone up over July. *And* that proportion of people tested who are positive has stayed the same over 1st 2 weeks of July (@ 1.1%). BUT this only goes up to 15 July 2/10”


  7. “So we don’t know what the situation was over last 7 days. Have cases gone up only because there have been more people tested? (a GOOD thing) Or have cases gone up because of increased COVID transmission? (a BAD thing). Next two weeks should make that clear… 3/10
    COVID cases are not spread evenly through the UK – less in Scotland & NI and very variable around England. 4/10”


  8. “Test and Trace is just not improving quickly enough but kudos to them for rapidly improving their reports to contain lots more info. 5/10
    Latest report has new info leading @RoyalStatSoc to estimate that only 30% of non-household contacts being reached. Also, @guardian ran two stories last week about TTI being less effective in hotspots & deprived areas. This is *exactly* where need TTI to be *most* effective. 6/10”


  9. Other countries have been trying to live with a suppression strategy for longer than us – what have we learned? Suppression at ~500 cases a day is HARD. Spain currently experience marked increase in cases even after a hard and long lockdown 7/10


  10. And Israel, Australia & Japan all struggling to contain new outbreaks after periods of control. Outbreaks linked to super-spreader settings (bars, factories, parties), young people spreading it unknowingly, lack of masks & social distancing. 8/10

    Even after months of control like things can escalate quickly. UK at a crunch point – how much work is govt prepared to do to control it? Last week’s rise in cases signals time for caution. V worried that we are still opening gyms etc tomorrow and back to work week after. 9/10
    NI & Scotland now formally pursuing #ZeroCOVID and NI working with Rep of Ireland to do so. England & Wales should join them! 10/10


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