Police Scotland ‘ahead of the game’ in human rights-based approach to implementing lockdown.

Look at the faces of the opposition MSP’s. Not what they wanted to hear?

On Reporting Scotland, yesterday:

Meanwhile, the chair of the Independent committee scrutinising the way the police have implemented lockdown has told MSPs it’s given the idea of policing by consent ‘fresh life’ and he praised the police for setting up scrutiny of their actions themselves. He told a virtual meeting of Holyrood’s Policing Sub-Committee it was a healthy sign that the committee had been set up by the national force.

But, then the independent advisory committee chair, John Scott QC tells us:

I’ve been in touch with colleagues in the human rights field in other countries and it appears that Scotland is ahead of the game here in terms of having a human-rights-based scrutiny of these emergency powers. I’ve spoken to colleagues in England and Northern Ireland and now moving further afield as well. So I think it’s an extremely healthy sign that the initiative for this group came from within Police Scotland.

Afterwards James Kelly MSP was allegedly heard to mutter: ‘Could we no hae got that auld prof Pennington frae Aberdeen tae dae this?’

Wait, this was on Reporting Scotland? Thought they were biased?

Repressive Tolerance – Allowing some messages contrary to the main agenda, criticism of SG/SNP, so that some critics are softened and many viewers are persuaded that overall there is a kind of balance which implies that the on-agenda items such the recent attacks on Jeane Freeman, seem more trustworthy.

One thought on “Police Scotland ‘ahead of the game’ in human rights-based approach to implementing lockdown.”

  1. In most of the press, and the BBC, John Scott’s comments about the travel quarantine rules being a shambles get prominence – slanted of course to make out that it’s all the fault of the Scottish Government.

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