Overheard in the Reporting Scotland ‘war room’ today:

FOUR THOUSAND DEAD! OK that’s the headline sorted.

FOUR THOUSAND DEAD! OK that’s the opening sentence.

What next? Oh we don’t know. Maybe we should inform them on how many just today, whether that’s fewer than last week, how many weeks it’s been falling – that kind of thing?

Well OK, if you think that informing them about what’s happening today in the world around them is ‘in the public interest’ but let’s not forget, FOUR THOUSAND DEAD!!

We promised Jackson we’d do the FOUR THOUSAND DEAD!! thing.

Glenn and Sarah have both phoned to remind us to say FOUR THOUSAND DEAD!!

Come on then, enlighten me if you must:

Even with the NRS figures added, fewer deaths than last week, fewer deaths every week for six weeks now, fewer deaths in care homes, 47% in care homes….STOP….Jackson says it’s more than half in care homes and he went to school with one of the care home owners, so he must know.

OK you better put that stuff in. We’ll get complaints otherwise but remember FOUR THOUSAND DEAD!!!

Seriously though:

What is the news? Isn’t it about changes that might affect your life? So, knowing the number of deaths and the trend might affect what you think you can now do and do in the future, but knowing how many there have been altogether, would that be useful to you in any way? The BBC has a charter requiring it to educate, inform and entertain so how does this do any of those?


Please don’t say you find that entertaining?