In the Herald, a Scottish newspaper

RIOTS could break out across the UK this summer as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic take hold, a scientific adviser to the UK Government has warned. Professor Clifford Stott, a behavioural expert, said there was a risk of disorder on a scale last seen during the London riots in August 2011 – sparked by the police shooting of Mark Duggan – if urgent efforts were not made by police forces to quell any potential unrest in the neighbourhoods they served.

Stott is based at Keele University (Midlands) and is a member of the UK Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

His comments do not mention any Scottish location but are based on events in English cities from 2011 until the recent riots, triggered by events in the USA. The authors only use the term ‘UK’ but we are surely used to that being just a PC version of ‘England’.

There have been no equivalent riots in Scotland. The worst we see here are the small-scale confrontations when less than 100 supporters and opponents of Irish political movements shout and throw things at each other over a cordon of unmoved police officers.

As for the effects of the pandemic on protest. The authors and the Herald appear to take for granted that those will be the same in Scotland as they are in England. This is remarkable if typical. Already we see marked divergence and signs that the UK Government has not entirely forgotten the herd immunity strategy it really wants.

In sharp contrast, Scotland is coping far better that Rumpuk. See this for the evidence: