There will be no ‘significant civic disorder’ in Scotland

Scotland on Sunday headlines research from Keele University hypothesising significant public disorder due to the breakdown of the social contract beginning with the Dominic Cummings case and exacerbated by the PM’s apparent escape from punishment.

This is just another attempt by those of a Unionist disposition to make Scots think they are no different from England and to predict social unrest against the popular Scottish Government regardless of a lack of meaningful evidence.

We know from previous experience that the Scottish Government, unlike the Conservative UK Government, will act to mitigate the worst of the consequences of the cost-of-living crisis.

In June 2020, the Herald carried research from the same Prof Stott at Keele:

I wrote then:

RIOTS could break out across the UK this summer as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic take hold, a scientific adviser to the UK Government has warned. Professor Clifford Stott, a behavioural expert, said there was a risk of disorder on a scale last seen during the London riots in August 2011 – sparked by the police shooting of Mark Duggan – if urgent efforts were not made by police forces to quell any potential unrest in the neighbourhoods they served.

Stott is based at Keele University (Midlands) and is a member of the UK Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

His comments do not mention any Scottish location but are based on events in English cities from 2011 until the recent riots, triggered by events in the USA. The authors only use the term ‘UK’ but we are surely used to that being just a PC version of ‘England’.

There have been no equivalent riots in Scotland. The worst we see here are the small-scale confrontations when less than 100 supporters and opponents of Irish political movements shout and throw things at each other over a cordon of unmoved police officers.

I doubt Prof Stott means us to make the connection which SoS has been so keen to make and the evidence SoS brings to bear is frankly irrelevant. They write:

It (the research at Keele) comes amid growing concern over spikes in violence and unrest as Scotland continues its journey out of the pandemic.

The evidence for this? The most recent Police Scotland data:

The SoS connection of Stott’s research with this Scottish data is beyond stupid. These data are from all violent crimes. There is no breakdown to reveal civil unrest, neither how much there is nor how much it is changing. You can see a steady growth overall, interrupted by the lockdowns and, crucially, since before the lockdowns or Dominic Cummings. There are no spikes, there are no data on ‘unrest’ and absolutely no evidence of a threat of significant civic disorder in Scotland.

It’s just rubbish, on a front page too.

13 thoughts on “There will be no ‘significant civic disorder’ in Scotland

  1. Complete and utter Coital Bovine Scatology from Scotland on Sunday
    Not if but when English rioting breaks out
    Then by sheer instinct we Scots shall partake of is one of Riotous laughter at such but perfectly normal behaviour from our most unfortunate rowdy neighbour’s
    But English establishment has a long long track record of dealing with civic unrest in a contrived brutal manner

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  2. Doesn’t matter what the evidence and facts say, the Scotland (English rag) on Sunday would love to be able to report some ‘significant’ rioting in Scotland.
    Put nothing past the BritNat state to orchestrate ‘unrest’, they’d just have to bus up a few unemployed folk from England and pay them with a beer voucher or something. Easy peasy, they have done it before they will do it again.

    Scotland has other priorities and aims and objectives, it’s called independence. No rioting required, just a democratic process to hold a referendum to decide to ditch the dysfunctional backward so called UK.

    The cabal in power at WM know who would win in a rioting war in any part of the UK and it would not be the people rioting. Must be looking to fill the prisons in England or something, make some cash from fines to make up for the lack of cash taken from the real law breakers sitting in cosy seats on the benches at WM.

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  3. “Riots” are an English thing. Every decade or so.

    “England expects” us to want Brexit.
    “England expects” us to want nuclear power stations.
    “England expects” us to base their nuke bombs here.
    “England expects” us to vote Tory.

    England has a brass neck!

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  4. Martin McLaughlin (Investigations Correspondent) is simply ticking off his propaganda quota for the month with much the same absurdity as the Herod, SoS journalism but not the … — … variety rather than .__ _ ._ .._. ?
    – How on earth can SoS be a regarded as serious journalism with Dani Garavelli’s “Derry Girls’ finale is significant as Tories play with peace in Northern Ireland” on the left channel of the banner and Euan McColm’s “The SNP cannot be trusted with trains let alone independence” on the right, distortions in stereo.

    Granted that civil disorder seems almost inevitable now in England short of dramatic change, but presuming SG can mitigate when is strapped for cash is perhaps pushing faith…
    However, by then England would be on fire anyway and the Tory chancers would have King Boris charging to their rescue in the media, with consequentials…

    All too often we see the Scottish media presenting Scotland in chaos on back of England specific information, but McLaughlin will never be ashamed of his pay cheque for writing this guff….

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  5. I take all your points John, and comments later on, and I hope you are right. But the point is that we arent at a point where trouble could occur.
    By the time we get into winter – so November/ early December – there is likely to be further inflation of energy costs, this will in turn feed through to prices more widely perhaps exacerbated by supply chain issues (ie if you can afford it, you still might not get it), Brexit problems continuing on their merry way, along with rising unemployment as inflation puts the economy into a still deeper recession. At the same time the war in Ukraine goes on, as well as the possibility of another Covid variant (maybe this time one that will evade the vaccines, and might even cause serious illness – excuse me while I get my happy pills).
    So higher energy cost, higher inflation, less job security, a war elsewhere in Europe a full scale recession and Covid variants just as we all head inside.
    I agree that the fact that this seems likely to provoke trouble in England is no proof whatsoever that it will happen here, but the fact is we are going to face a very difficult winter and it would be wrong not to take precautions and be ready (as well as doing what can be done to minimise the problems above).

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    1. iamsoccerdoc
      You correct that trouble will really kick off this winter
      There are massive Geo Political and Geo Economic forces now unleashing due to Ukraine War
      The West has not walked into the trap but actually ran and jumped into it
      This trap was made by China and set by Russia for once and all to end Hegonomy of US military power and the $
      Not believe me
      Since May 1st The Russian rouble has gained 37% on the $
      A massive amount of forward supply of Russian oil and gas MUST be paid tomorrow No Choices but for buyers to sell $ to any and or Russian banks who will convert to roubles
      Saudi Arabia, Iran,Iraq and UAE about to accept Roubles for their oil and gas
      China and India already buying in Roubles
      We in the West suffer severe economic consequences doing USA bidding whilst they have very little impact
      Do you seriously believe Ordinary Russians shudder and revolt when they cannot get a McDonald’s or Chanel handbag
      Or that Ukraine will win
      Ukraine will need 500 billion $ to rebuild what destroyed so far and at least 80 billion $ per month just for the State to
      Continue to function
      The Breaking of The $ will be fatal to Ukraine
      Their is no way that the West and others can do without or Replace Russian
      Oil,Gas, Aluminium, Fertilser or base materials and a good few other vital commodities
      Far less Wheat and vegetable oils ( Ukranian wheat effectively now controlled by Russia )
      UK is to all intent and purpose Bankrupt Liabilities are £ 8.4 trillion over all assests
      China,s military ability grows at a phenomenal pace.All out War with them now suicidal and grows more certain as every day passes
      Few in the West singularly
      Fail to comprehend Chinese thinking
      To explain think of a chess game
      China fastidiously studies how you play and move on the board,then analysis your moves, then rethinks every one of its moves relentlessly till you check mated.
      They and Russia knew exactly how we were going to move our pieces once Ukraine kicked off
      You can argue all day that Russian objectives in Ukraine have been thwarted
      Although a set back that Kviv never fell and Russia took heavy losses, it waz a ruse to keep Ukranian forces in the wrong place
      And it worked
      But Kviv was never the objective, the real one was in the East to form a land bridge to Crimea and block
      Ukraine and West from The Black Sea
      Russia learned in Syria that no matter what that one by one
      You flatten and destroy everything where your enemy holds that you want
      All until nothing left
      Once Donbas secured Ukraine better declare neutrality and no NATO
      If not the creeping destruction of it rolls on ever forward until they sign or totally destroyed
      Brutal but a simple fact of life
      Not believe me
      Russian export income since march now doubled
      So much so that come winter such becomes a serious matter for Russian
      Central Bank to manage the rise of the Rouble and soaring income
      A completely different set of problems for USA and the West are now confronting.
      Putin is the fool of no one
      He never backs down , threaten him and move to thwart his objectives then his thumb is placed millimetres from over 5000 nuclear Warheads and he has already warned us that he will push the button
      Do not believe all the propaganda spewed out by
      Western sources
      Sooner or later the West must come to terms with what Russia and in Particular China are that now moving the chess pieces where and when to their way
      If West does not wake up then it is check mate for The West one that ensures ever increasing poverty,decline and revolution
      China does not desire this
      It only wants to be peaceful and cooperate with other Nations for the good and mutual benefit for all
      China is effectively in control now of the Russian Bear
      Because Putin has moved most of his Eastern military forces all of land,air and sea
      So if he goes too far for Chinese liking, then very rapidly China can take control of Russian vitally strategic military ports and bases in the East
      Such would give them total control over Japan and most of Asia
      Win Win for China no matter how this unfolds
      Never has Russia had to fight on western and eastern fronts at the same time
      And Putin and China know this 100 %
      And that is why Russia does the dirty work whilst
      China makes the most vital moves to end US hegomony which is almost single handedly responsible for the now serious consequences of global warming
      China is racing at pace to become dominant in all the supply chains of renewables,Batteries and green hydrogen
      They know that never in a million years that the large western fossil fuel companies ,their governments and financiers will ever change
      So China must now for the sake of the planet and mankind take charge
      As Thatcher said
      Their is no alternative (Tina )


  6. I recall some years ago scary riots in various English cities, none in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but the Scottish media referred to the riots being in British cities.

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    1. iainnshall: Very true, however there were so many complaints from Scottish Hoteliers that foreign visitors were cancelling bookings on that basis, that the media reluctantly clarified that it was England only.

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  7. Riots on the football field,
    now happen every day.
    Beat the goalie roon the heid,
    “Great Britain” did you say?
    No. To this lie, we must not yield.
    This is ENGLAND, needing healed.
    Thuggish reputation sealed.
    Down Old Wembley way!


    1. gavinochilltree
      The very sick English patient is way past cure or redemption as it is now firmly in the final phase of its Empire and Colonialism
      As it now rapidly collapses
      And implodes inwards
      Brexit proving to be a case of thumping the foot upon the accelerator of that car crashing vehicle
      Tis the Sudden stop of Scottish Indy that shall be the final nail on their coffin
      Of delusional power and greatness
      Fear not they are nothing but a paper tiger now

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