Herald’s feeding frenzy on First Minister

Herald writers at work.

Above, the First Minister, not the Transport Minister, not the Chief Exec of Scotrail and not the ASLEF union leader, is identified as the person somehow to blame for the cuts made due to industrial action by union members.

The Herald’s leading stories (note correct use of apostrophe unlike above) feature the FM pictured three times, the railways twice and the ferries again. Two days ago, we had this headline story:

And two days before that, this one:

I said my bit about the demonisation of SNP leaders there:

9 thoughts on “Herald’s feeding frenzy on First Minister

  1. The Herald doesn’t even try to be a serious paper anymore.

    However, I guess that the Scotland Office have been demanding ever more negative stories otherwise the “funding” that is keeping it going will be trimmed back.

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  2. What glares from ALL of Scotland’s media presentation is CONTEXT
    – These Union disagreements are UK wide, and it was the Unions who blocked training of additional drivers throughout the Covid crisis.
    – Only once Scotrail had been nationalised post-Covid did industrial action arise, not UK wide, only in Scotland.
    That political chicanery is behind this is indisputable. Even in the Holyrood circus Sarwar has obviously agreed that DRoss do the running…
    Will Sarwar be asked to apologise to the public ?

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    1. When Abelio took over the contract to run Scotrail in 2015 they announced that they were going to take on and train an additional 100 drivers. The immediate reaction of the drivers working for Scotrail was to threaten strike action – trade unionists threatening to strike to STOP people getting a job. Clearly they did not want their overtime or rest-day working payments – £300 per day back then – reduced by employing extra drivers. Someone obviously told them the strike idea was not a good idea because they quickly pivoted to a work to rule which caused prolonged disruption.

      In the summer of 2018 Abelio announced they were going to take on ca 140 additional staff as guards/inspectors etc. Cue prolonged disruption of the service by existing staff who wanted more money and equivalence with the drivers on rest day payments. The disruption lasted into 2019.

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  3. Its not just the Herald.
    There is a full court press, by the press, against the SNP, Sturgeon and independence.

    You cannot pick up a paper right now without a frothing Brit Nit commentator whining about Scotland, NATO and Trident.

    Why on earth do they expect an independent Scotland to base a weapons system in Scotland?—over which we have no input, no manufacturing, no maintenance, no control—yet makes Scotland a first strike target.

    Why isnt England desperate to take their major weapon/deterrent back to England?
    Because no one in England would want it near them.

    They could take it to Kings Bay in America, but are too embarrassed to consider this, as the pretence of an independent deterrent would be exposed as the nonsense it is.

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    1. The latest example of this is in the Torygraf from Simon Heffer–never knowingly exceeded for pomposity or the “entitled” smugness of the English ruling class (AKA the Tory Party).


    2. The same media which protects her? Which she gifts £3,000,000 of our taxes to keep alive?

      Covers up her domestic abuse. Covers up her attempt to imprison Alex Salmond. Covers up her lavender marriage and her pervert husband fucking the lord advocate while he was spending £20,000,000 prosecuting an innocent man.

      The media is on her side. She’s a yoon. Probably always was and just biding her time before betraying us all.


      1. “media which protects her”?
        Are you nuts, or a “King” Penguin perhaps?
        The “Kings Shilling”, more like!


        1. “Are you nuts” – Possibly, but “Penguin” is very well known in independence blogging circles and been banned from them all except John’s for some strange reason.
          Penguin’s even been the subject of Police enquiries on more than one occasion, presumably shortly to be returned to the zoo.

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