Jackson Carlaw least popular leading Tory in the whole of the UK


The Conservative Home survey at the end of May 2020 rated Carlaw as the politician who least satisfies members. For some reason, the grapher has put the higher scoring Paul Davis (no idea) below him.

This is all the reporter has to say by way of explanation:

Carlaw’s collapse. Amongst the minority of respondents who have a view on the Scottish leader, his net approval has halved from +23 to +11. His colleagues are reportedly angry at his handling of the Cummings row.

I suspect there’s more to it. His florid, blustering, hectoring manner in parliament is not a good look and must be driving women away.

A YouGov poll in January put trust in Carlaw at 8%, just ahead of Richard Leonard on 6% and somewhat behind the First Minister on 46%.


9 thoughts on “Jackson Carlaw least popular leading Tory in the whole of the UK

  1. Ok, he’s an idiot, but there are two ways to look at it. Considering the bunch of crooks and chancers at the top of the poll, either it doesn’t say much for him to be at the bottom, or maybe it’s not entirely a bad thing to be at the other end of such a group.

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  2. Me thinks the only appreciative audience that he ever encounters is when he is inebriated leaning against the golf club bar
    No doubt his fellow clubbers shout out
    Hear Hear at his utterances
    Driving his delusional mind to imagine he is indeed standing at the Dispatch Box in Westminster
    Sweet Dreams Jackson

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  3. Good to see Carlaw where he belongs. He does have a get out card however. He’s the least liked in a sizable gang of thieves and political thugs.

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  4. Carlaw is a joke His SNP bad utterances are beyond comprehension Look at the Tory party’s leadership in England behaviour in this pandemic Its laughable But all he does is criticize a government in Scotland Fighting with one arm tied behind it’s back Carlaw the failed car salesman Is also a failing politician


  5. I first met Mr. Carlow in a ” Clean up Clarkston ” litter campaign I had organised as Chair of Clarkston Bid.
    I invited MPs and Councillors to attend and Mr. Carlow did indeed attend although I did notice that he was extremely well dressed for the occasion. After making sure he was photographed an several occasions I issued him with a high vis. vest gloves and a picker and sent him up the High St. He lasted no more than half an hour ( and thats generous ) then buggered off. The rest of us were there all day and yes we made a difference.
    Gordon Paterson

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    1. Your so lucky that in fact he did not leave such High St in a worse mess than what it was in prior his visit
      Tis one of his attributes to leave a mess behind as clearly demonstrated in his bankrupt business,s


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