Have things got more out of hand recently? Dishonest reporting in pursuit of readers is not a new thing by any means but that headline is special, very special.

First look at the word ‘pensioners’. Straight-off the reader is primed to be outraged. How dare they do whatever they’re doing to our pensioners? Many of the readers are pensioners. Others equate the word with their beloved family members.

What are they doing with pensioners? Exiling them!? Disgraceful. We don’t exile our pensioners in the UK!

It’s a strange concept, ‘exiling’ the elderly back into the more domestic, informal, home-like atmosphere, even decor, of the care home, from the cold, clinical, hospital ward full of machines and their noises. ICU wards are even more so, quite scary places. Many of the elderly returned to care homes or placed there for the first time, have dementia. Surely the arrival in an ICU would feel more like exile?

Is the Scottish Sunday Times referring to the necessary isolation on arrival in a care home? Why didn’t they use that word? Not dramatic enough?

Journalists are among the least trusted people on earth.

This 2020 YouGov poll reveals ‘red-tops’ like the Sun to be distrusted by nearly 90% but upmarket papers like the Times more trusted. That headline must surely relocate them in the red-top category.