This incessant bombardment of the Health Secretary using only one idea for ammunition will not succeed. Jeane Freeman fights back. She has tweeted to counter BBC and other misinformation, most recently to remind the former that Scotland never ran out of PPE, to remind us of the responsibility of care home owners for infection control and to educate such as Gordon Brewer on the vulnerability of the patients he seems to think can just be shunted from place and to have invasive tests done upon them regardless of their will.

With particular regard to testing, she has had to repeat constantly the problems in testing the asymptomatic, of the greater effectiveness of targeted testing and tracing over mass testing, and that testing is not enough. Distancing and hygiene remain as important as ever.

In the midst of this campaign our state and corporate media have had no time nor will, to properly inform their audiences. None have covered this:

Scotland has much to be proud of in the way that the pandemic has been managed. I have no doubt that the death toll would have been greater without the unwavering support and close working relationship between the government and the clinical community.

Dr Dr Stephen Cole, the president of the Scottish Intensive Care Society

I asked John Beattie (BBC Drivetime) to interview Dr Cole after hearing him, like a real journalist, interrogate the HC-One care home chief exec, but he’s not so brave this time.

Perhaps more important, they have ignored the facts that show Scotland, objectively, to have handled the crisis better:

  1. Higher recovery rate
  2. Lower excess mortality rate
  3. Mortality among BAME groups is lower
  4. Death rate in care homes is lower
  5. Mortality among key workers is lower:
  6. Assessment centres protected GP surgeries
  7. Better staffing
  8. Cleaner hospitals
  9. Better Government leadership

Evidence here: