The day after zero new deaths were recorded, the above headline is a bit grudging. It reminds me of the day I took a neighbour round the new campus building where I worked.

Passing my door, with a wee sign saying ‘Dr John Robertson‘, he sniffed and remarked: ‘I see they gave you one of those.’

I’d worked hard for that PhD.

Have Scotland, its government, its NHS and its people, done nothing to earn this reducing death rate? Is it just fate? Is the writer, based in England, with 77 deaths that day, just a bit annoyed?

There is much evidence that the lower death rate has been earned.

Scotland has a far higher base mortality rate than England and that despite that coronavius deaths are lower.

NHS Scotland has a higher staffing ratio.

Scotland’s hospitals with their in-house cleaning did not have mass Norovirus closures last winter as NHS England did.

NHS Scotland has a vastly superior A&E performance.

Scotland’s 50 unique coronavirus assessment centres kept infected patients away from GP surgeries.

Urban Scots have obeyed the social distancing rules more than their counterparts in the South.

I have the evidence for all these claims. They’re easy found. Any half-baked health correspondent will have the necessary research skills.