In a Zoom clip acquired by the right-wing blog, Guido Fawkes, Ian Murray makes the most outrageous, bitter and bizarre claims (in italics) in an effort undermine the Scottish Government at any cost to the reputation of his own home and people.

He says:

I’ll just give you some stats. Our care home deaths are double that of England because PPE is a shambles. We’re still not testing in care homes. We always slag of the UK Government for not hitting a 100 000 a day. If we were doing the equivalent in Scotland we should be doing 10 000. We’re doing four and half of them were in UK testing centres.

Well Scottish care home death rates are lower, even based on official statistics and perhaps far lower once the UK Government starts to collect data properly:

As for PPE supplies to care homes, that was a shambles in England but not in Scotland except where private care home owners were failing to order, were prevented by English Government directives to suppliers to prioritise English care homes or where, as revealed by the GMB, owners were locking supplies away from staff:

And on testing, he must know England’s data are a con trick. See:

We had a massive outbreak of covid-19 in Edinburgh on the 27th February. The Scottish Government didn’t think to tell anybody about it. They just covered it up and moved on.

At most, there were 25 cases including 8 Scots. The public health officers decided what to do:

All of these things in Scotland are actually in a lot of instances worse than what’s happening in England but Boris gets the blame and not Nicola Sturgeon.

There is objective evidence, in 9 instances:

  1. Higher recovery rate
  2. Lower excess mortality rate
  3. Mortality among BAME groups is lower
  4. Death rate in care homes is lower
  5. Mortality among key workers is lower:
  6. Assessment centres protected GP surgeries
  7. Better staffing
  8. Cleaner hospitals
  9. Better Government leadership

that Scotland performs better:

But the second big crux of all of that is that the UK media in terms of its knowledge of Scotland and Scottish politics is nothing short of absolutely deplorable. It would be like me doing to camera in the next tend minutes or writing a story about the opposition in Uganda. I wouldn’t even know where to start. But I’ll just go on and do it anyway. The opposition in Uganda’s fantastic because that’s what I read in my last newspaper article.

There is really no evidence at all for this claim other than a few prominent presenters recently noticing that Sturgeon does a better briefing than Johnson and seemingly this pisses Ian off. There is however, evidence that the UK media tends to be far less critical of the UK Government than the Scottish media is of the Scottish Government:

And, Uganda? Why pick Uganda, a militarised police force, weak opposition and power-hungry president, rather than a European democracy such as Denmark or Norway? The choice is revealing of the bitterness and contempt for his own people.

There’s a real education and I’ve been on to people like Robert Peston this week and the national BBC networks this week and to Kay Burley at Sky to say ‘Look if you’re gonna comment on something make sure you know what you’re talking about.’ I would under no circumstances ever comment on something to do with a local community in Walthamstow without knowing anything about it but that’s what the UK media are doing and it’s a real problem.

What have these people done to annoy Ian? They’ve noted Sturgeon’s more professional competent manner and that gets him badly. They have masses of researchers and Scottish correspondents, quite well informed, and commonly critique what happens here.

Once more, Walthamstow? First he compares Scotland to an autocratic dysfunctional state and then to a mere district in London. Bitterness and contempt are sadly all there is to this wee man.