In the Herald today:

SCOTLAND has “missed” more than 70,000 tests in the past two weeks as concerns persist about the nation’s vital test, trace and isolate strategy that is due to go live tomorrow. It comes as the Royal College of Nursing Scotland, has told ministers it had noted the “increasing divergence” in testing policy between the Scottish and UK government and believed that the nation “needs to match England” on the extent of testing.

How did the RCNS tell ministers? in some ‘note put forward and seen by the Herald.’ Why on earth would such a thing not be published? Why can’t we see the whole text? Why did the RCNS not post it on their website? Is it possible, the RCNS is much happier with what is happening in Scotland that the Herald extract suggests?

What are these ‘missed tests?’ It’s not that clear in the writing but I think they mean the tests that could have been carried out to use up the full capacity in place. Is that just a tad misleading?

As for this ‘matching England‘, does the RCNS, or anybody for that matter, believe anything on testing, coming from England? We’ve already seen reports of targets being met by double-counting and the counting of tests merely posted as it they were tests completed.

As for the reliability of mass testing:

Research has found as many as 29% of swab tests on infected people come back negative:

Why would that matter? A false negative sends the nurse back in to affect many.

From the Department of Health and Social Care, to ‘match England’:

An unreliable test is worse than no test.