Macwhirters: Bespoke suits for the middle-of-the road gentleman!

You’ve gotta laugh. It’s not just Macwhirter posing with his new suit these days, it’s his pose these days as the voice of sensible, moderate, reason and Yes/No flippability.

This is the man who can see through that SNP Govermnent’s actual competence to the ‘con-trick’ it must be, because George Foulkes or Gordon Brewer told him it is.

Now, he thinks that the Scottish Tories have spines because one has resigned his government post and their leader has been dragged out at last to, kind-of, maybe, with the greatest respect, suggest, perhaps, that Dominic Cummings should consider his position, as long as the PM agrees.

As for the resigned Douglas Ross, this is the man who went Barcelona in 2017, to run the line in a Champions League match when he should have been in the Commons to vote with his leader, Theresa May, against a Labour motion calling for the controversial roll-out of universal credit to be postponed. She lost but he kept his £40 000 part-time salary.

If we’re going to talk about Tory spines, let’s wait till David Mundell shows us his.