The above graph was tweeted by Glyn Hughes (@SquashedBox) and shared with me by arosie69. It seems to show that most objective measure of the impact of covid-19,excess deaths, has begun to climb in England and Wales after apparently beginning to fall.

In the week ending 15th May, there were 4 247 excess deaths compared to 3 382 in the previous week after falling from 7 758 and 11 437 in the previous two weeks.

While firm conclusions cannot be drawn at this stage, the increase has been linked with the VE Day celebrations on 7th May and unclear messaging from the UK Government:

The graph does not show the trends in the same week for the other countries but in Scotland the downward trend had continued for the sixth week in a row. In the week-ending 15th May, there were 360 excess deaths, down from 389 in the previous week and 587 in the week before that.