Only 6 months ago!

From YouGov for the Sunday Times, with fieldwork on 25th and 26th, with a Scottish sub-sample of 152 18+ adults and with the poll on 18th-19th results in brackets:

  • Con: 20% (25%)
  • Lab: 16% (15)
  • LD: 3% (4%)
  • SNP: 54% (51%)
  • Greens: 4% (2%)

This reinforces the results of the smaller Survation poll [87], for the overlapping dates of 22nd to 26th May, giving the SNP 55%.

It suggests erosion of the Tory vote due to the Cummings saga though less dramatic than the 10% return in the Survation poll.

The Lib Dems look simply irrelevant if slightly more alive than in one poll recently where they got only 1%.

Further strengthening SNP confidence, the Scottish sub-sample was most certain it would vote, at 70% absolutely certain, 10 points or more than any of the non-Scottish parts.