Readers will remember Matt Hancock’s panicked attempt to make sure his crisis-ridden hospitals and care homes got not just the ‘lion’s share’ but all the PPE. Supplier’s such as Gompels were right behind him.

And, yesterday, we heard that UK, Scottish taxpayer-funded, departments have been told to deny non-English health boards access to the their network of overseas links of PPE suppliers.

Aren’t these shocking revelations. Imagine if they’d emerged in the weeks before the Independence Referendum of 2014?

Anyhow, NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government have got the message:

The BBC Scotland report is a classic. Apparently objective but concealing any possibility of credit for actions by Scottish government or NHS Scotland.

It’s full of phrases like ‘a deal has been agreed’ and ‘the deal comes amid’ but with no mention of who made the deal. While there is a wee mention of the Scottish Government at the end, this from the actual announcement they are supposedly reporting on, is not there:

The new supply chain forms part of Scottish Government’s two-pronged ‘make and buy’ strategy to source PPE gowns. It fulfils the ‘make’ priority to establish a supply chain for gowns manufactured in Scotland and will complement the ongoing ‘buy’ activities to ensure that supply continues to meet demand.’