Scottish Sun takes GP criticism of Matt Hancock’s drive through testing and dishonestly applies it to Scottish testing

In the Scottish Sun this morning:

A MEDIC warned that Nicola Sturgeon’s test, trace and isolate regime may do “more harm than good” — as up to a third of results could be false negatives. Dr Margaret McCartney claimed the system has a “fatal error” which leaves patients with coronavirus at risk of being wrongly cleared to mingle.

The story is based on a thread in the GP’s Twitter feed. Here’s what she actually said around 7am yesterday:

The test and trace programme may end up ironically doing more harm than good. We need protect and survive – this needs urgent review. It’s absurd for the government to roll out hugely expensive programme without knowing rough false negative rate and making sure it’s used rationally. Worryingly there is a possibly big chance that believing unreliable negative results will result in more covid-19 being spread.

There is no mention of the Scottish system nor of the First Minister. She then clarifies who she is addressing around 2pm yesterday:

Hello @jasonleitch thanks for all your and @NicolaSturgeon work in covid, vv appreciated. we agree positive tests accurate and testing is important. But do not know false neg rate esp drive through covid testing centres. High risk symptoms+neg test should not =return to work…and I should say to be fair to @scotgovhealth that the running of these drive through centres is not local but eg from deloitte and uk gov. if I was in charge I’d decline the uk gov offer and set up our own….

So more accurately:

Coronavirus Scotland: Fears Matt Hancock’s Test and Trace scheme may do ‘more harm than good’


Coronavirus Scotland: Glasgow GP says ditch UK drive through testing


Coronavirus Scotland: Glasgow GP thanks Jason Leitch and Nicola Sturgeon for all their work.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Sun takes GP criticism of Matt Hancock’s drive through testing and dishonestly applies it to Scottish testing”

  1. The pic is of the the FM at the Daily Update where the Sun raised the same wilful misinterpretation out of the blue, Dr McCartney’s 2pm clarification was in response to that
    By then Christine Lavelle’s un-corroborated story had circulated, which was her intent, deliberate disinformation over SG’s arrangements.
    It has been obvious the media have been directed to conduct a smear and propaganda campaign to distract from London failures on the same subjects, PPE, Care-Homes, fatality rates, testing, etc., now it’s test and trace’s turn in the deflection spotlight.
    Yet they wonder why trust in the media and Tories has never been so low.

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  2. Little anecdotal evidence of the UK testing system. A friend decided to use the drive through test. It was doing no business when he arrives and left. A week later he is still waiting for the results.


  3. Sir Harry Burns suggested, I think, that the Scottish government might have diverged from the UK government and continued test, track, trace and isolate when the UK government stopped. He went on to surmise that it was possible that this was not feasible. One possible reason was that, with the hollowing out of UK manufacturing, the manufacture of the necessary chemical reagents was not then being done on the scale needed.

    Shortening supply chains may be something Scotland has to look at. Growing lupins as well.


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