There’s only two weeks to go. You’ll never make it! This is where you see the benefits of Serco.

Two weeks ago, Jackson Carlaw feared the worst for the people of Scotland:

All Jackson’s efforts pushing those lazy SNP folk has now paid off:

In Herald yesterday:

THE SCOTTISH Government has now reached its target of recruiting 2,000 contact tracers as Nicola Sturgeon refuted claims that pressure is being put on health boards to roll out the test and protect strategy.  Speaking at her daily briefing, the First Minister said that Scotland now has “more than a pool of 2,000 across the country” who will act as contact tracers as lockdown restrictions are eased. 

Let’s hear it for Jackson!

Ah, no, I can’t really print that.

I dread to think where we’d have been without him. Mind you I don’t suppose our wee system is world-beating like the English one Boris promised. How IS that going?