Some more selective reporting by the Herald’s David Bols attempts to attribute responsibility for the Skye care home covid-19 outbreak to the Scottish Government allowing NHS Scotland to discharge elderly patients back into care homes, before tests have confirmed that they are covid-19 free. Chief Nursing Officer, Professor Fiona McQueen did, but only in passing, remind Brewer that care homes should be isolating the returnees until the results are in. She forgot to mention that the care home owners are responsible for providing the staff with PPE to ensure they do not spread the virus.

The Skye care home failed its last inspection and infection control problems were highlighted:

Two of the other homes owned by the company which owns the Skye care home have had several covid-19 deaths:

McQueen, in a stumbling and confused performance which had Gordon Brewer pulling some faces, did help with the campaign to exonerate the private care home owners. She is now the third senior health adviser to potentially weaken the Scottish Government’s reputation after both Leitch and Calderwood’s tendency to follow the Westminster line and to make gaffs, drew a media feeding frenzy. Of course, the recent polls tell us that the public is not so easily fooled.

This is not the first time, I’ve been less than impressed by ‘Professor’ McQueen. A few years ago, she appeared on Reporting Scotland to report on far too many nurses having a lack of commitment to the job and poor standards. It turned out her conclusions were based on wandering around a few wards in the course of her duties. There was no survey, there was no sample, no methods, only anecdotes.

McQueen, like Leitch, is not a real professor. She’s just another NHS manager who is awarded a professorship when her health board becomes associated with a local university. They don’t need to be able to pass a Year 2 research methods module never mind have published research in peer-reviewed journals. I need to lie down now.