BBC Scotland’s intrepid investigative reporters haven’t thought to check up on inspections of the Home Farm care home in Portree after a covid-19 outbreak affected nearly all of the residents and half of the staff.

They have, strangely, invented a new type of care home – ‘independent’ as an alternative to ‘private’. I suppose ‘private’ can suggesting money-grubbing can’t it?

The owners, HC-One also own Tranent Care Home (9 deaths) and Castleview in Dumbarton (8 deaths).

He is a summary of the two Home Farm inspections in 2019:

Though infection control is not in the above summary it is in the full report:

With particular regard to the crucial, at this time, infection control, in the January 24 report on the November 2019 inspection:

This requirement resulted from an upheld complaint. People experiencing care should have confidence in the organisation and infection control policies and procedures are adhered to ensuring people are not at risk. In order to achieve this the provider must ensure. The environment is hygienically cleaned to an acceptable standard and all areas are malodour free. Cleaning protocols in all areas of the premises must be adhered to and regular deep cleaning is carried out.

To be completed by 31 December 2019. The timescale for completion has been extended to 31 March 2020.


With regard to the ‘weak’ staff team:

This requirement resulted from an upheld complaint. The provider must always ensure that suitably qualified and competent persons are working in the care service in such numbers as are appropriate for the health, welfare and safety of service users. In order to achieve this the provider must ensure that:

Staffing levels match or exceed the level assessed as necessary ensuring all people’s needs are being met.

Housekeeping staff levels must be appropriate so that cleaning schedules are consistently adhered to throughout the premises ensuring there is always a clean malodour free environment.