If you saw Professor Bauld being interviewed by Gordon Brewer, yesterday, you’ll have been struck by her tribute to the Scottish Government and the First Minister. Inexplicably, the Herald’s David Bols missed this:

In terms of communication going forward, I must say I think the Scottish Government has been far better and more transparent than some other parts of the world, including Westminster, from my personal view, but the communication needs to be nuanced. So, in Scotland, the first thing we must build, and I think we have a lot of it already, credit to the First Minister and her team, is trust. Trust in the Government and then once we start to ease the lock-down, using Ireland as an example, where I think their government’s been quite clear.

Did he go for a comfort break at that point or did he just not like the sound of that?

Bols concentrates instead on Professor Bauld’s comment that both governments had been slow to get going on testing. You’ll see that the headline, which is what many only see, if that, implies that it was only Scotland which was being warned.

Bols is a Bairn. No, he’s from Falkirk, like me. I don’t remember any Bols up there in my time.