No! More than a quarter of respondents believe the Salmond trial is toxifying the Yes movement

This has been another healthy reminder of the value of empirical research. I’m so naive, so optimistic. I thought far more of you would have just laughed off the notion as a media construct. I know quite a few local activists and though mixed in their feelings about the case, none, as far as I recall, think it has had much impact on the wider Yes movement.


Would I be correct in reading this to mean that, yes, the trial may be toxifying parts of the SNP leadership but that it will not weaken the wider Yes movement? That’s my view.

7 thoughts on “No! More than a quarter of respondents believe the Salmond trial is toxifying the Yes movement”

  1. People eh?

    I might have missed something at the weekend there, Joanna Cherry tweets this to ask why so many people didn’t support her and Joan McAlpine when they were getting abuse within their party, on misogyny, what she points out first:


  2. “others were strangely silent”. Hmmm. That “strangely”, what can it mean? And “others”? I think we are seeing some othering in the SNP.

    I’ll be Yes, always.


  3. The Yes movement is too large and diverse and derived mainly from the grass roots and loosely could be described under democracy as a people led revolution but in no way associated with
    Hate or violence but by a common desire to build a progressive modern nation that is more equitable and outward looking by being willing to work with others to work together with, in order to create a more sustainable and fairer future for all who strive for such
    The powers that be know all too well that as far their position of power and wealth is concerned that such a force as the Yes
    Movement are and is by far the most dangerous type that can negate all their ill gotten gains and privileges by a simple little cross on a ballot paper.

    This is why we witness their desperation now and deployment of their trusted tried and tested weapon of Divide And Rule
    The more the Yes movement grows the more their frustrations consume and drive their desperate and futile actions
    Rather like the clever salmon watching the cast fly splash upon the water
    It will not rise to their bait because it knows all too well that such fly is not a tasty meal for the salmon but quite the reverse for the one holding the rod
    That is quite simply all we need to know and turn the tables upon them by rebuking their efforts and infuriate and enrage them more and more into amplifying their errors hopefully till they madden further and start foaming at the mouth thereby revealing their true colours


    1. The salmon is not looking to eat the fly presented by the skeely angler , rather he attacks it because he’s annoyed by the horrid thing . It’s like the angry response to internet trolls. The moral is the same though , don’t rise to the bait.

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  4. Trouble with a question like that is that it will mean different things to different people especially in different contexts so it creates quite a broad spectrum for the answer yes.

    The question for me is divided into 4 parts and the answer depends on how inter-connected they are: the leadership, the hierarchy, the SNP as a whole and the Yes movement.
    On the most simple level as a stand alone issue it shouldn’t effect the Yes movement at all negatively, it may even make us even more determined. But how much the other issues leak into that pure issue is any ones guess. So far it doesn’t seem so but what if some very dark secrets emerge. It could be very toxic to the SNP depending on how the hierarchy reacts and so far they appears to be circling the wagons, which could make it really bad. Would a change of leadership be that bad? Joanne Cherry seems to be very able and a great fighter and champion. Political parties change leaders all the time. The Tories get a worse leader every time as their popularity increases.

    It could effect Nicola Sturgeon very badly depending on what the Alex Salmond reveals in his book.
    The power structure within the SNP has to change otherwise another party will take over. It is destroying itself from within, possibly even by intent, depending on how badly the UK intelligence want our oil and their nuclear subs. Yes i love tin hats, ever heard of Faraday?


  5. I think A.Salmond is long enough in the tooth and most certainly not wet behind the ears and as such any revelations will be very carefully constructed to maximise
    Damage to the usual ruthless carrerists
    Who join any political party in order to gain personal success only and hide behind the thinnest of veils of what that party stands for
    So if AS smart he can root such out and enhance even more those left in the party who
    Are genuine & competent in bringing the day of Independence forward with due diligence and a proper rate of progress
    Certainly hope so because be mindful of those MSM Hyenas circling they will pounce in haste upon any who are singled out by AS. and if he clever then many of the crows in the party can be felled with one stone
    The pen is indeed mightier than the sword
    And the skill is knowing how,where,when and upon whom to draw it at
    Such power is now entirely in AS.hands as he lifts his pen
    Not in the hacks of the Hyena pack

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