In the Observer this morning:

‘The mortality rate for patients put in intensive care after being infected with Covid-19 is running at close to 50%, a report has revealed. Data from the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) showed that of 165 patients treated in critical care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since the end of February, 79 died, while 86 survived and were discharged. The figures were taken from an audit of 775 people who have been or are in critical care with the disease, across 285 intensive care units. The remaining 610 patients continue to receive intensive care. The high death rate raises questions about how effective critical care will be in saving the lives of people struck down by the disease.’

Neither the Observer report nor the ICNARC report mention Scotland at all. You’d ahve thought there’d be at least a reason given for why Scottish data are not included. I couldn’t find the data but did find this showing Scottish ICU mortality at around 13%:

I appreciate these are not comparable data. Can a reader help us find the data for ICU survival rates for coronavirus in Scotland?