Thanks to Ann Forbes for sending me this and to Contrary form reminding me! All help appreciated as I approach my 70th year (69).

This is an antidote to many of the other graphs going around which would have you packing you camper van, the Citroen Campylobacter Scenic 409, and heading for the hills.

While it too misuses a line graph to represent accumulated data as in the steep line based on how many cases there are altogether now, it does a great job of putting things into scale.

Go straight to the bottom and look at the line of New Deaths crawling along. Each one a tragedy I know but, hey, it’s not the Black Death.

Just above, in bright orange, even the accumulated total of deaths is put into perspective for us. Comparing this line with the much lager number of cases, we see evidence of how well NHS Scotland is doing to save lives.

And, this graph goes up to 1 400, but there are 5.4 MILLION people in Scotland. If we drew a graph where the vertical axis went up to 5.4 million, all of these lines would disappear.

I know there are probably many more cases of infection not recorded but the quoted 65 000 is still only 1.2% of the population. If we keep on with the social distancing, with the help of NHS Scotland, we’ll make it to the arrival of the vaccine, hurt but still strong in our preference for a more caring more democratic society and with an overpowering desire to run our own show.

We’ve seen how Boris can get it done.