March 12: BORIS JOHNSON couldn’t resist hitting out at Nicola Sturgeon’s plans to tackle the coronavirus in Scotland, as he emphasised “issues” of “resilience” for her health service.

There have been seven further deaths in Scotland since Friday, down one from the previous day and up from 3 and 6 on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. The mortality rate at 3.2% has been almost constant in this period. NHS staff take great credit for this.

There is no sign, for the moment, of the upward curve predicted. I’m not saying it will not come though I doubt the more extreme predictions coming from the Glasgow Anaesthetist Group (GAG).

Tragically, there were 260 additional deaths across the UK in the same period, a shocking 34% increase in one day which comes as the UK government plans to test frontline hospital staff. In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, health workers are already being tested.

The UK’s average mortality rate is now 6% up from 5.2%, as some London hospitals are now at their limit of capacity for intensive care cases.

Note: I really do not take any pleasure in this. Some seem to think I do. Projection [Look it up]. I write with anger. I have friends and relatives in England. I know there are millions of English people who share my values but are trapped there, just as there are upwards of a million here who are damn lucky their Westminster pals have not been able to wound our NHS so severely.