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QC stands for…..?

Fresh from stalking Alex Salmond’s admittedly ‘creepy’ defence lawyer on the Glasgow to Edinburgh train, the ‘research assistant’ for Times Sexual Abuse Correspondent, Jason Allardyce, ‘Miles’ (16), was overheard by our reporter ‘Jimmy’ (87), on the Edinburgh to London train stopping at Husbands Bosworth.

‘Miles’ said of his boss:

‘All he is interested in is sexual abuse and preferably by Scots. I’m getting sick of researching it and travelling up to chilly Jockoland all the time.’

We checked Allardyce out and found nothing but smut!

In 2005 he went all the way to the Orkneys to report on the alleged satanic abuse of bairns by English ‘ferry-loupers’


Then in 2013, he was back in Scotland in pursuit of Catholic Bishops and speaking as he put it to:

‘A FORMER adviser to the Catholic church on sexual abuse.’


He should probably have reworded that.

After thorough digging, we’re fairly sure that Allardyce is NOT the son of Sam Allardyce, the Sunderland FC manager who continued to select footballer, Adam Johnson, after he was charged with sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

In 2006, Sam Allardyce’s real son, Craig, was accused with his dad in a bung exposé. Me neither.


What does QC stand for?

Could it be quee…cu….?

No surely not.

It’s queening councillor?

Sorry, I can’t hear what you’re saying.

Not so tight Angela!