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Can you see the rat-faced MSP as he scurries round to the Express offices?

We read:

NHS staff in Scotland have taken more than 5,000 years’ worth of sick leave since 2016, according to damning new figures. Data obtained by the Liberal Democrats under freedom of information laws show the country’s beleaguered health boards lost just over 45 million hours to staff illness over the period. The annual total soared by nearly a fifth, from 11.6 million hours in 2016 to 13.7 million hours in 2018 amid rising concern over a string of missed key waiting times targets. This included a dramatic 71.6 percent rise at Scotland’s largest health board – NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Annual absences in the area increased from 2.4 million hours to 4.1 million hours in just two years. Twelve of the 14 boards cited “anxiety, stress, depression, other psychiatric illness” as the most common cause of absenteeism.

Sometimes I weary of correcting their stupidity and mendacity but, you won’t be surprised to hear that they haven’t told their needy readers about what really matters to them – performance:

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As for the 13.7 million hours taken off sick, that’s an average of 84 for each of the 163 000 staff or 11.2 days per year. These people work in places where you are daily exposed to infection and where you often witness extreme trauma. I’d like to see how Willie Rennie or Liam McArthur or Alex Cole-Hamilton would cope in those circumstances.