As winter bites NHS Scotland A&E is still massive 13%* better even though NHS England fiddles the figures!

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In November NHS Scotland A&E departments saw 84.04% of patients within 4 hours.

Note: I had to average the weekly November figures.

In NHS England, only 71.3% were seen within 4hrs*.

*Remember NHS England starts the clock again after patients are admitted while NHS Scotland counts from arrival in A&E, so the gap is probably much bigger.

Remember also:

You are MORE THAN TWICE as likely to spend more than 12 hours waiting in A&E in NHS England than in NHS Scotland

*Footnote: 13 is 18% of 71 so you might say its 18% better?

8 thoughts on “As winter bites NHS Scotland A&E is still massive 13%* better even though NHS England fiddles the figures!

  1. Great work again.
    To clarify the clock timing: “NHS England, unlike the NHS in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, start the clock at the point at which a decision to admit is made” says the RCEM.
    Whereas 3 other nations start it at arrival in AE.
    So a big systematic distortion, for no rational clinical reason.


  2. Interested to see that Jackie Ballie is being punted as the probable (unopposed) candidate as Richmond Leotard’s depute at the labour Scottish sub-branch. A case of back to the future I would have thought? – Wonder what the democrats in labour who recognise that Scotland’s voice needs to be listened to following the democratic mandate bestowed by the electorate on 12/12/19 will make of ‘Union’Jackie’s return?

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  3. The Better Together crew just can’t stop themselves ‘love-bombing’ Scotland – even at the Season of Goodwill. Link and snippet re. rip-off UK’s parcel surcharges on Scottish addresses below:

    THE Conservative UK Government should “get a grip” on delivery costs after it emerged that Scottish shoppers will fork out a combined £12 million in surcharges over the festive period.

    According to the latest figures from the independent Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), Scots aren’t just being penalised for deliveries over Christmas. The report also found that addresses in Scotland were forced to fork out an extra £40.1m this year in delivery surcharges relative to the rest of the UK.

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