English academic says independent Scotland could not protect itself from ghosts and werewolves

Reporting Scotland Up‘s fearless Disclosure team have discovered a Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland on 15th October 2019, which suggests that Scotland is being threatened by so many supernatural phenomena that they cannot even keep record of them never mind fight them. Here it is:

Professor Julian von Dracula of the University of Barking, says: ‘This can only mean one thing. There must be millions of these phenomena, so many, you think who can I call?’

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4 thoughts on “English academic says independent Scotland could not protect itself from ghosts and werewolves

  1. I’d suggest they get in touch with the Visit Scotland. They are more likely to have an up to date inventory of ghosts and monsters.


  2. I should have thought that most of the ‘ghosts, aliens, werewolves’ or other ‘supernatural’ types had already found cosy billets amongst the ‘Scottish’ britnat party poodles at Holyrood or Westminster? – Many really good folk laboured long and hard to get the FOI system set up. One wonders how long it can survive this kind of idiocy being applied to it?

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