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Jamie faces another resit

BBC Scotland reported today, broadcast, online and presumably on radio (SMS):

Racial harassment is a “common experience” for staff and students at Scottish universities, according to a new report.

As always, the report by young McIvor is confused and misleading. It’s only when we read and hear (perhaps):

Researchers heard from 571 staff and 845 students across the three nations.

that, once more we know this is a tiny self-selecting sample that probably tells us little of value.

There are around 430 000 staff at UK universities and 2 340 000 students so the response rates, even if it were a random sample, are 0.13% and 0.036%.


This report is less than useless.

Only after 28 paragraphs, do we hear that 11% of Scottish students have been ‘attacked’ as opposed to the overall rate of 24%. Why don’t we hear the actual number? Did, pro rata, less than 90 Scottish students respond? Did less than 10 report being attacked?

As for anti-English behaviour:

The report says there are also examples of anti-English sentiment expressed at Scottish universities. However, the report contains few specific details of this and suggests that particular problem is more commonplace in Wales.

So, really, statistically, there’s nothing here?

Nevertheless, this BBC report will have done some damage to the reputation of Scottish universities and, perhaps, worried some applicants and their families so here’s some balance:

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