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References to Scotland from ‘A report on the scale of wildlife crime in England and Wales’:

‘As a coalition we are concerned that levels of wildlife crime in England and Wales are not recorded or reported upon in the same manner as in Scotland.’

‘In 2011, provisions of the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act amended the Wildlife and Countryside Act and placed a duty on Scottish ministers to produce an annual wildlife crime report.’

‘The Sentencing Council for Scotland are, however, engaged in the process of producing a wildlife crime guideline. We will liaise with Scottish Environment Link, anticipating that Scottish guidance might readily be transposed into guidance for England and Wales. ‘

‘Since 2011, Scotland has required that seals can only be taken under licence; this change in legislation has not been mirrored in England and Wales.’

Matters to be addressed

• Development of a Wildlife Crime App (like that produced by Partnership for Action against Wildlife crime in Scotland) and other guidance for reporting adequate details of marine mammal wildlife crime.’

We are calling on the [UK] government to:

• Introduce a system of licensing for driven grouse shooting [Highly likely to be recommended in Scotland in upcoming Werritty Report]

• Extend the independent review of grouse moor management underway in Scotland, to the rest of the UK

• Ensure shoot owners and managers can be held accountable for the actions of their gamekeepers by extending the vicarious liability legislation employed in Scotland to the rest of the UK.’

‘Reporting of wildlife crime needs to be made easier, utilisation of a “wildlife crime app” as adopted in Scotland is one way in which this might be achieved’

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